FAO those who've had Slapped Cheeck Syndrome blood tests

Hi there

Wonder if someone who has had these blood tests (it's only people who have potentially been exposed to Slapped Cheek Syndrome) could offer a little advice. I had the initial test on Thursday and just been told I need another test in ten days time and potentially another test at some point after that? It was the receptionist who phoned to give the results so she didn't have much detail but I'm guessing that means that I'm not immune? :cry: I'm speaking to the doctor tomorrow to see if it is safe for me to go back and work and work closely with someone whose child has been exposed at nursery. I was hoping I'd be immune so didn't have the predicament of potentially having to work with this person knowing that if she gets it, I/baby are at risk of getting it. Lots of ifs but I just don't want any unnecessary risk as I'm being so careful to look after baby. Anyway will speak to GP tomorrow and see what they say. x


  • hi i had these tests also.

    the first one came back that i hadnt caught it but i still had to have it repeated 4 wks later, it then showed that i had become exposed to and now need more scans etc.

    I would speak to your dr as i think its common practice (sp) to have them repeated. try not to worry and your gp will give you the best advice.

    take care becs xxx28+4wks
  • Hiya im only 5wks pg and have just picked up my little ones and seen on the door that theres been cases of slap cheek this wk....have had a look on the net and it all points to miscarraige if u catch it in the first 12wks....i havent a clue what to do, i guess im guna need bloods, do u know what it does to the baby if i catch it?? kim xxxxxxx
  • hi it can cause excess fluid in baby but if you have it they will monitor you more. please try not to worry too much.

  • Thanks hun....the web can be bad at times....just everywhere i read its about mc's and with my history im worrying, thanks for posting hun, il ring the docs and c if i can get the bloods changed to 2moz...was having my hcg levels checked on thursday anyway xxxxxxx
  • hope all goes well. i was very worried about mc also as had a mmc last april, but now they are checking me every two wks and have had 3 scans in the past 3 wks,'s it very reassuring.

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