When does the blooming stage begin??

Hi all

Im 14 wks and my hair is a greasy frizzy mess and my face and back have broken out in spots when does the 'blooming stage'start? l cant wait to have glossy hair lol



  • Hi! My hair and skin started to improve from about 14 wks onwards, and they've both been fine ever since then. Im 36 weeks now. My friend had really bad skin all through her pregnancy, but hopefully you should start to 'bloom' soon. XXX
  • i think the bloom is missing me out,lol i have been looking washed out lately, have to rely on mi trusty beauty flash balm,lol (im 28+2)
  • I went through the blooming stage through most of my last pregnancy with my daughter...

    However this time it seems to have decided not to happen, I'm 26 weeks, with greasy hair, spots, exhausted and no sex drive....boo hoo....I wanna get my groove back!!!!

  • Blooming stage is passing me by too I think!! I thought after the first trimester was past everything would be rosy but now 23+4 and all that seems to happen is I get bigger by the hour and can't sleep very well!! x
  • I think I might be blooming at the moment, I have quite a neat bump and everyones says I'm 'glowing' which can only be a good thing. But when I look in the mirror I see a lumpy fat spotty greasy tired mess lol so if thats 'blooming' I'd hate to see what I look like when I look a mess.
  • Ditto to that CazA!! Folk keep telling me I'm glowing too, the doctor even said I had a perfect little bump, but thats not what my mirror shows me!!
  • Ha Ha i am 39 weeks tomorow and still waiting to bloom! I now know that every body and every pregnancy is different. I was a greenny grey colour forfirst 20 weeks with sickness then i went on holiday for 2 weeks and had great tan so for four weeks i had loads of compliments about how great i looked and for last 9 weeks have just been knackered and have developed a grey washed out look with acne on my chin which is very strange as it is also very dry and not greasy. Im 34 and never really had spots and never had dry skin! So unfortunately babe not all of us bloom!
  • I think someone made up the blooming stage to encourage more of us to get pregnant, all they do is lie to us to make it out to be this wonderful beautiful naturally thing lol all you really do is vomit, cry and get fat I see nothing beautiful about that ha ha!! although the end product is totally worth it image
  • You guys are really dampening my hopes. I'm 14 weeks now and was hoping the sickness, the feeling tired all the time would somehow dissapear soon and I would get my libido back, my body back, my ability to cook again. My senses to get back to normal again.....but alas, it ain't happening yet......you guys are tellling me it never will???
  • Am 20 wks now and yep, no sign of blooming!

    Completely agree CazA - its a myth made up along with other Old Wives Tales lol

    Oh well, half way there
    Love Lee
  • nooo.... please say this isn't true... the only thing getting me through vomiting 5 times a day and looking like something frm the adams family is this belief in blommin at some stage....!!

    *runs sobbing from the chat room back to the toilet*
  • Hi guys I am 16 weeks and still holding on to the hope that blooming will start soon!!! Never bloomed with my first so dont knw why I think I would this time?
  • HI,
    Don't want to sound smug when everyone else isn't having a good time but I'm just starting to bloom. I'm 19 weeks, my hair and skin are loads better- haven't had a spot in weeks nad my hair is lovely and glossy and really manageable. Got my sex drive back and can actually eat now(apart from cups of tea!) the only thing is that I'm a really tired after work. Hope that gives some people hope and the others don't hate me!
  • We all hate you MorganWallace!! No, of course not just very very jealous. My sex drive has also returned, however hubby is bit freaked out about being 'so close to the baby' so along with not blooming am fairly regularly horny with no prospect of him helping me out!! Have faith all you others, each pregnancy is different, you may bloom soon....
  • thanks for the few rays of hope, have recovered from earlier over emotional reaction... just crossing my fingers now!!

  • Lol, Larawinsley, that was so funny, will have to remember the not so well endowed bit!!

    I was also wondering if this blooming stage really existed! Although I'm only 15 weeks so thought it might take a few more weeks or not! My skin is so dry and flakey and spotty. I feel really unattractive at the moment and I feel like I suddenly look older! Mare! Haven't got a proper bump yet either so I'm hoping I'll feel better when I get one!

    Did anyone else feel in limbo at this stage? Its strange before the 12 week mark I worried about miscarriage, blood results etc and now I know that all is ok so far and the nausea etc has gone I just don't feel pregnant anymore. I felt really excited after the scan but now feel nothing. The urge to buy stuff has gone and I feel a bit down to be honest, is this normal?

    Sorry that probably sounds really depressing!LOL! xxx
  • hi hate to dissapoint but im 37/3 and still no sign of the infamous pregnancy bloom . im still waiting , think it will come in the next two weeks once i have had her!!!!
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