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Cervical incompetance

I suffer with cervical weakness. The doctor thinks I was born with the problem as I've had no treatment, miscarriages or abortions previously. At 24 weeks I was given a cervical cercliage to close the cervix (which had shortened to 4mm). I'm now 30w +3d.

Has anyone else suffered with this? When I first had the diagnosis I was incredibly paranoid about every ache and pain, now I've become a lot more chilled out. I've been told to expect labour around 35 weeks when my stitches come out.


  • Hi Nicola, not had any experience of this but well done for being so brave. Must have been so scary for you to find this out. 35 weeks isnt too early so you and your baby will be fine.

  • Hi Nicola
    Yes, I know what you're going through. i had my first son at 34 weeks, but was never told why he was early. So when i became pregnant with my second son, I was surprised to be told that like you i had been born with a short cervix. i was 15 weeks and the consultant told me I might not get to 20 weeks without a stitch. I was scared and shocked. I had the stitch put in, but started to go into labour at 24 weeks due to an infection. they managed to stop it.
    My waters broke at 30 weeks and my son was finally born at 32 weeks by emergency c.
    Now i am 21 weeks pregnant and the consultant I have this time has told me she will not put a stitch in but will monitor me closely.
    I had a scan on Monday and my cervix is normal. it has shortened a bit but is still ok. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed that i can keep going to 30 weeks when they will give me steroids for babe's lungs.
    I am sure everything will be fine for you hun and good luck x
  • Have you been offered the progesterone pesseries? I've been taken those too - probably because of how quickly my cervix shortened (I went from 17mm to 4mm in 10 days!)

    Fingers crossed for you, it sounds like historically you've managed to get to a good gestation for cervical weakness.
  • Hi Nicola,

    I havent suffered from this but no a friend that has....unfortunalty she found out the hard way that she had this, but we are going back a good 10 years or so and things werent quite as advanced then... but she now has 4 healthy children

    Hope all goes well for you x x x x
  • Hi,

    So sorry your having to go through this, I was in a+e at 16 weeks as i started bleeding (unrelated) but when they examined me they said my cervix was open and told me all the horror stories too. They told me about the stitch but said it wouldn't be any good for me so i've been on bedrest ever since. Not had any problems yet just sooooo bored! Its been nearly 11 weeks now.

    I've been just like you, every twinge or ache and i'm convinced i'm gonna give birth! The other day I was having stabbing pains, down there, and was crying as its too early for my baby to born! Then last night I was waking every hour with horrendous pains at the bottom of my bump, so bad I couldn't move for the time it lasted, was probably only about 20 seconds or so though. I daren't phone the midwife as she's probably so fed up with me by now!!

    If you do have your baby at 35 weeks then you would have done a great job!!! 35 weeks is great! Obviously early but not dangerously early if you know what I mean.

    Let us know how you get on.

    I'll be thinking of you! xx
  • Hi Feb baby... I know how you feel I am on rest and have been for past 4 weeks but related to something different than you....I think babies are very safe after 34 weeks... my hospital are onabout inducing me then although baby is of normal size... not sure why think its to do with spd?!

    good luck to you all x x x x
  • my sister had this and had stitch put in for both of her kids. They both came around due dates and were fine. jess (her first) did spend time in Spec care but that was sort of unrelated. well, they took stitch out at 37 weeks and she thinks her waters went few days later. MW said not. when born she had serious infection and her lungs collapsed. luckily she healthy 14 year old now.
    good luck and remember a stitch in time.....
    d xxxx
    ps if you on bedrest get mates to bring all dvd series like desp housewives, sex in the city, cold feet etc etc... passes the time I am told.
  • Hi nic i lost my first baby through something like this though that was 10yrs ago and things were not quite so advanced then. When i got pregnant again i was monitored closely and told if necessary i could have the stitch. As it happened i had no bleeding and went on to go full term. Ive since had another baby and had lots of bleeding through that pregnancy but had lots of scans that showed my short cervix stayed normal throughout. Im sure the remainder of your pregnancy will go ok but should you go into labour theres alot of technology to support your baby through those crucial weeks. Good luck.x
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