Baby clothes

I was wondering if any of you ladies could give some advice of somewhere nice to buy newborn baby clothes.

I've looked at all the obvious, Next, Mothercare, Asda, etc, etc. However, with a yellow bump and only 11 weeks to go, we hardly have any clothes at all. I'm finding most clothes are aimed at either pink or blue bumps. Perhaps I'm being a little bit picky, but would love some choice rather than just white suits xx


  • I have the same issue, I've seen some in ASDA, boots and matalan, but no where near as many as there are in pink or blue!

    It's almost like they're trying to force us to find out the sex lol
  • We got some cheap bits from TK Maxx. I know we have an Adams in town but havent had chance to go there yet. Babiesrus have some stuff that is quite neutral.
  • I got some nice unisex stuff from the website Very, in greys and yellows x
  • I've been buying bits from eBay as I have a yellow bump and would like colourful things as well as whites!

    A lot of stuff is brand new with tags. It's worth a look!
  • Hi Girls, I have a yellow bump too, and have the same problem.

    I saw some lush baby roo (classic poo) baby grows for newborns etc in Tesco, and some nice cream and biscuit brown stripes in Boots, also some nice bits in Primark in lemon. X
  • We are having a yellow bump too, we have had some nice newborn unisex bits bought for us from Matalan and Primark so it might be worth having a little look there!

    Sarah 37+2
  • Hi Girlies!
    Im a blue bump so Im pretty easy, my aunty is yellow bump and shes having the same trouble so ive been looking around for her, if any of you have a mothercare catalogue ive seen quite a few nice ones in there in yellows and beiges.
    Hope this helps. x x x

    Leanne 21+1
  • I've bought some of the Baby Roo bits from Tesco and also got a really cute all in one suit from Primark! It's really soft and lovely, I just happened to spot it. Mothercare and m&s also have some cute outfits which although they're mostly white, have nice designs or pictures on them. xx
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