Baby Sleeping Bags?

Hi all

Just wondering how many of you are going to be using these or already use them? Its something we've not thought about yet and so we should really!

Can they be used from birth?
What exactly are they good for?

Joo xxx


  • We will hopefully be using them in a few weeks, for the first time! So really I have no direct practical experience of them. Our thought is that we will try swaddling for the first month or so, and then after that we will use the sleeping bags. I believe the advantage is that babies can't get mixed up in the bedsheets/covers/duvets, which helps prevent cot death. I think they are also good about keeping the baby's temperature regulated because they can't kick the covers off. Would be interested to know if others have understood the same thing image
    ally xx
    36 +2
  • As long as you get the right size, baby cant wiggle down under the covers, and cant kick the covers off - apparently they are safer than sheets and blankets.

  • I luuuurve ours, in fact I'm going to buy some more today. Yep they can be used from birth. Lily just kicks blankets off even if we swaddle her (which she hates, anyway).

    From my perspective, the best thing about them, apart from the fact that I know she won't wake up cold or suffocating, is that I can put her in one just before her last feed of the evening (as she always falls asleep on the boob then) and then just lay her in the cot with minimal disturbance. She's all snuggly and warm inside already so the cold cot doesn't wake her up.

    Oh Joo you're so far along now - so exciting! Angusburger will be here in no time at all!
  • I know!!!

    After the scan yesterday its really feeling REALLY real now!

    Mum and I are off shopping at the weekend and I need to crack on and get a few more bits sorted, sleeping bags now on the list!

    Joo xxx
  • Oh I have another question, well two questions!

    What tog should I get? We have made the nursery very cool - the radiator isn't on at all (might be on 1) but the rest of our house is often very hot. The gro-bag egg thermometer says its around 19 degrees but it goes up when I'm in there doing stuff.

    Also, can they be used with moses baskets? I assume not...

    Joo xxx
  • They come in 1 & 2.5 togs, I think. Lily is in a 2.5 at the moment as it's cold in her nursery (according to the monitor around 15C, which I know is lower than the recommended range but she's fine, perfectly snuggly). I think the 1 togs are just for hot evenings.

    I don't know about the Moses basket question as we don't have one, but I don't see why not...?
  • Glad you recommend them PTB as I had lots of the same questions as Joo!

    How many do you think you need? x
  • I've bought a good few of these in readiness!

    A good tip is to get them from the supermarkets - I've got one from Asda (??12), two from Tesco (??10 each) and one from Sainsburys (??6 in the sale!) as the grobag ones are pretty expensive.. Tesco have some gorgeous ones - in pink, blue and cream - mine are pink!!!

    C xx
  • we used them from 4 months with ollie and wished we'd found them sooner.
    this time we'll be using them almost from birth (not for the first couple of weeks though)

    they come in a range of togs - Ollie has a 9 tog one at the moment as its so cold (and his room is at about 20'c) but I would think a 3tog or close would be ok for april, you can always put a thin blanket over the top if you think they're not warm enough.

    I'd try ebay for some as they are still in good condition and a ton cheaper than buying them new.

    yes they can be used with a moses basket. image

  • I love baby sleeping bags! My son is 21 months and he still uses them every night. In answer to some of your questions:
    You can use a sleeping bag from birth as long as they weigh enough (should say on the label what the minimum weight is) We used them from a couple of weeks old (not sure why didn't start from birth though) and used them with a moses basket until he was 6 months old. I think all our sleeping bags are 2.5 tog as his nursery and our bedroom is quite cold and when it is hot in the summer he just slept with a vest. In the very early weeks he didn't really kick his covers off so much but it was good to be able to just pick him up in the night, feed him and put him back without disturbing him too much and keeping him warm. We only have 2 in each size so he wears one while the other is in the wash. I agree that supermarket ones are great and much cheaper. One thing I will say is that grobag do a version that can be used with a car seat or pushchair as it has a hole in the back so the child can be strapped in. Ours has been invaluable. If we ever travel to see family or on hols etc we can get him ready for bed, put him in sleeping bag strap him in the car and when we arrive just put him straight to bed. It is also good for pushchair trips on the cold. It is so reassuring - especially when they move to their own room - to know that they are warm, not suffocating under covers and comfy. I will be using them from birth for this baby. Oh yeah, one more thing I would get neutral colours if you are thinking of having any more children so you can use them again.
    Happy shopping!
  • hi i used these with my youngest dd and plan to use them again tk maxx have the gro bag ones starting at 9.99
    claire xx
  • Gosh didn't realise the tog ratings went so high - Stephe, you have Ollie in a 9 tog one in a room that's 20C? Now I'm worried I'm freezing her.... she feels fine, though, back of neck, tum, extremities... I suppose all babies are different, but am pretty certain 3 tog would be too hot for Lily for April.

    I'd say it depends on the baby as to how many you need - I think I'm aiming to have about 4 or 5 altogether in a few different togs, as Lily isn't very sicky and doesn't tend to poo at night and get things mucky.
  • PTB - dont worry, if she's sleeping then she's happy.
    Ollie just likes being really really warm. He loves his 9 tog one, but if we put him in a lower tog he doesnt settle till he's got a blanket over him aswell... (MIL however thinks 9 tog isnt high enough and if he is at hers in his 9 tog she will then go and put a thick winter blanket over him aswell, and i have to take it off and tell her that his bag is warm enough...)
    I only use Ollies back as a measure for temp (or a thermometer) as his back can be nice and warm and his hands freezing (MIL only uses his hands as a measure and so he ends up sweating through the night)

    Although the thermometer says 20'c when we put him down, once the heating has gone off it gets quite cold (even if the temp read 18'c i'd have to wear a jumper in there its that cold). we did think the thermometer was wrong so had it checked, but its right and when it reads 18'c it is really cold in his room. (more like 14'c)

    each house is different, and each room in our house is different too, so it took us a while (and about 10 sleeping bags) to find the right one for Ollie to sleep comfortably in.... :lol: (hence why i suggest getting them from ebay....)

  • Snuggly Ollie image And grrr MIL.

    I found this if it's useful to anyone:

    25????C - Too Hot - 0-1 tog sleeping bag or a sheet and a nappy only

    21-24????C - Warm - 0-1 tog or 1-2 tog sleeping bag or a sheet and short sleeved bodysuit and a nappy.

    16-20????C - Just Right - 0-1 tog,1-2 tog or 2-3 tog sleeping bag or a sheet and 2 layers of blanket and short sleeved bodysuit or pyjamas and a nappy.

    13-15????C - Cool - 2-3 tog sleeping bag and optional blanket or a sheet and 3 layers of blanket and short sleeved bodysuit or pyjamas and a nappy

    Less than 12????C - Cold - 2-3 tog sleeping bag and optional blanket or a sheet and 3 layers of blanket and short sleeved bodysuit or pyjamas and a nappy.
  • Haha, that basically tells you nothing, if you look at the 16-20C one - sorry!
  • fab topic!
    we've got a few in preparation as lots of friends have recommended them - then at the anti-natal class the midwife said she didn't think they were safe (!) and the baby should be in a loose blanket, totally dont agree with her as a loose blanket can easily be kicked off so we'll be sticking with the sleeping bags!
    we've also seen a thing called bundlers - has anyone used them? its like a sleepsuit top with a sleep bag bottom and seems really easy for changing baby during the night?
  • I have bought some from mamas and papas which were half price down to ??14.
    Supermarkets are very good prices and primark have them from about ??6.

    My friends with LO have advised I get the zip round ones rather than the popper/button ones and it's easier to change LO without disburbing.

    I am using mine with my moses basket.

    Sarah 20+2 xx
  • Please help im confused??? i defo want some of these even more so iv seen how good you all say there are. but i kno i may be being dumb but what is this hole tog thing?is it wat decides the temp or tells u the temp??? and do u go by the temp of the room the baby will be in to decide the tog? or am i getting this all wrong? lol
    24+3 xxx
  • I love them, all the kids I have looked after have had them and I will definately be using them. I prefer the ones with a zip at the front cuz I think they are easier to get on and off but for newborn they all have side zips or poppers at the top. I love the patterns on the grobag ones but they are pretty pricey.
    The twins I looked after had 4 each, 2 in 1 tog for summer and 2 in 2.5 tog for winter and they had a clean one once a week unless it got dirty or got sick on it etc but then they were freakily clean children.
  • I think most of them your lo has to weigh more than 7lb 5 but as the others say just check the label and that will tell you.

    I live in Norway (so it gets very cold, its been minus 18 this week!) and we have my lo (13months old) in a fleecy sleepsuit with vest under it, 2.5 tog sleeping bag, and a blanket over the top. In the summer he has a 1 tog sleeping bag with a blanket over if it is a bit chilly.

    Mummystephe - where did you buy your 3 and 9 tog bags from? I've been looking for thicker ones so I don't need to use a blanket but haven't been able to find any. xx
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