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Hi Ladies, I am still getting over the shock of my BFP yesterday, and am trying to read anything I can get my grubby little hands on. I think I have read every topic on BE (apart from traumatic birthsimage ) and was wondering if you could recommend anyother good websites?



  • not sure about the websites, but congrats on your BFP yesterday. xxx
  • This is the best one but I also use baby centre. Congratulations by the way image x
  • Hi, to be honest i've meandered into a few baby/pregnancy forums, and i have to say this is the best one IMO! No i'm not just saying it because i'm on here lol. The other one i look on occasionally is askbaby, but it seems very quiet there, not many people post xxxx
  • Thanks image

    I am not looking to leave BE, you ladies are way too helpful for that!

    I suppose I am looking for random things like maternity clothes websites, ticker makers, just really random stuff that I can wile my time away to when hubby is on nights.

    I guess I am just over-excited, and want to do a million things all at once!
  • babycentre.co.uk is also quite good, especially the weekly updates on ur stage of pregnancy. bounty.co.uk as tallkatie mentioned, also tesco and boots have online clubs u can join too which will get u vouchers for money off baby stuff, always handy lol

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