maternity and paternity pay?

Two questions

Firstly i had 3 weeks holiday that i had to take from work b4 end of February,which i've just took and due back on tuesday.The thing is 2 of these weeks fall on my weeks that they work out maternity pay and they have only paid me ??60 pw. (i only work part time) but usually get around ??100 a week. Can they refuse to pay me maternity pay because of these weeks?
Secondly my partner has just started a new job and he will have been there for 22 weeks on our babys due date, does anyone know if he'll be entitled to any paternity pay? We've already got a son who will be 21 months when are little one is born and we dont live near any family so could do with the help in the first couple of weeks.


  • hi, i'm only ttc but was just browsing through and thought i could maybe help!
    in order to get SMP you need average earnings of ??87 per week over a 26 week period (i used to work for revenue) so if you have 24 weeks at 100 and 2 weeks at 60 = 2520, then devide by 26 = 96.92!!! so you will get paid but it will be 90% of the 96.92 which is ??87.23 for the full 26 weeks.

    As far as your husband goes i'm sorry to say that i don't think he will qualify for pay as he won't have been working there long enough, but depends how nice his employer is?

    hope this helps! also hopes this makes sense!!
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