Inducing... whats involved??

I am being induced on Tuesday... and dont even know what this involves??

Can anyone tell me, what might happen, re: methods used etc

Em x


  • hi i was inducedwith my 3rd, it isnt too bad hun, they may use pesseeries at first then with ne i got taken to labour ward as i was having very mild contractions then they broke my waters and put a drip in my arm, it was no worse a labour than my others and it was all over from start to finish just under 3 hours!! good luck you will be just fine xx

    chloe 28+3
  • Anymore stories?

    I heard about a gel used? Anyone know about this?
  • Hi hun. I've been induced with both of mine, Abby is 5 and Theo is 5 months. With Abby I was given two pessaries which sent me into labour within hours but my waters had to be broken for me after 12 hours of labour. With Theo I was given the gel. It feels really cold and I really hate to tell you this but it stung and my lady bits really ached for ages afterwards! The mw who did it said I was nowhere near ready to go into labour and was sure it wouldnt work but my waters broke two hours later! I had contractions every 2 minutes after the gel but as Theo was back to back I only got to 2cm dialated after 10 hours of labour so I was then taken down to delivery as I needed something for the pain and I had to be put on the drip and then was given an epidural. My epidural only worked for about an hour and it was another 10 hours of gas and air before I was fully dialated, I then pushed for 4 but as he was back to back and tried to turn in the birth canal, he got stuck! So I was taken to theatre where they tried to give me another epidural but couldnt get it in, After about an hour and a half of them trying Theo's heart rate started to race and my bp and pulse was dropping so they didnt have time to give me any pain relief and Theo was tugged out with forceps. I had a third degree tear and had to be cut but he was well worth it all! I know this is quite a scary story but the reason it was so hard for me was because he was back to back. Abby, my 5 year old was a similar labour, she was back to back and after 40 hours of labour and 3 of pushing I was taken to theatre and she was born with forceps. I still tore and had to be cut but the epidural worked with her and as I had it after 19 hours of labour it was a much easier birth! Be prepared for it to be quite intense from the off hun, I really really dont want to scare you but I'd hate for you to go in unprepared.
    On the plus side there are far more succesful induction stories than there are negative ones and it's the fact that my babies only lay back to back that makes my labours so difficult. Plus I'm only 5ft tall which doesnt help. I'm now pregnant with my 3rd and having a c-section this time.
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