Somewhere inbetween.....

enjoying new baby Tahlia and packing like a nutter......
OMG the time is ticking away and the days fly by. We are all so busy packing now ready to emigrate at the end of the month.
Tahlia still hasn't had her 6 weeks check up or first jabs as the docs been to busy throughout Christmas.
At this rate we'll only manage her 1st lot before we go...Not very bloody amused!!!
Happy New Year to you all...

make the most of those precious first few weeks!!!!

sarah xx :\)


  • omg are you going at the end of this month???
    will we ever get the chance to meet up!!
    vikki xx
  • I really do hope so. I sent you an email a few days ago after reading your post, to see if you were o.k. then I phoned you at home, then I phooned your mobile too....Couldn't get an answer anywhere. Thought you'd all gone away over the crimbo period.....
  • oh god sorry!!! well my house phone wont let me answer it, i read my emails once in a blue moon and not sure what happened with my mobile, maybe the kids were touching it coz i didnt see a missed call!!! really sorry to be a pain to get hold of!!!
  • No worries hun...I'd love for us to catch up with eachother next week...
  • that would be great xxxxx
  • Are you still on here?
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