Please help, Maybe TMI for some though!!

Hiya girls,
This is kinda an embarassing post and i hope i dont offend anyone or anything with what im going to ask! Last night i masterbated (Sorry if TMI) and afterwards i had cramp so strong i could hardly walk. Ive been fine since but for those 10 minutes last night it was agony. Has anyone else experianced anything like this? Any advice would be appreciated!

Thank you
Mikayla (Embarrased!) xx


  • Hey - I wouldn't worry too much about that. It's perfectly normal. I experienced the same thing earlier on in my pregnancy and was also worried. It's probably just ur uterus still adjusting. image

    G.x (24+3)
  • Thank you gem, i wont be doing it again in a rush anyway!
    Mikayla x
  • I wouldn't worry about the TMI...They say havin an orgasm can cause practice contractions even if ur really early, some people get them at 6 weeks from what I've read on here. When I was about 5 wks I was using my vibrator and all this brown blood came out of me! Scared the crap out of me but my baby is fine and I've used it since with no probs. Philippa 17+6 x x x
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