4 weeks today!!!!!!!

AAAHHhhhhhhh 29 days to go!! image

4 weeks today till my due date, still got 2 weeks left at work :cry:



  • me too - 4 weeks today!!!!
    it has gone by sooo quick, i can't believe it!
  • Hi Ladies, its such a milestone to get to this stage! I now have 26 days to go!!! Still hoping that baby Scott will put in an early show though, lol. I am now on maternity leave and loving it! How you all doing? Tammi xxx
    36.2 wks
  • I have just under a week to go but the get out mission has begun. I am eating spicy food, drinking raspberry tea, bouncing on my ball and having sex!! So far nothing but BH contractions - any other ideas ladies?

  • ours is a baby Scott too!! hubby just getting excited now, i think its harder for the men as they dont feel all the moves but as the times getting closer hes getting there.

    anyone nervous? im sh***ing myself.

    not even packed my bag yet or been to any classes!

  • omg, i too am totally disorganised and have no bag (my mum is dragging me shopping next week to buy nighties and stuff) and haven't been to any classes either!
    bit early i know but i am starting to have regular sex etc in hope that he will be ready to go by edd!! went 8 days overdue last time and was horrid so want to get things going nearer due date this time!
    hubby still got head in the sand a bit and not thinking about labour etc. kell2 - i am getting really nervous cos i have to have section if i don't go into labour myself and i am desparate to do things naturally this time!!!
  • blimey Kel, a month to go! It only seems like yesterday you were telling us the good news that you were pg!

    I hope my pregnancy goes by as quickly as yours has!

    Good luck to you ladies due soon, I wish it was me! xxx


  • tell me about it, i found out really early too so thought it would drag but its flown!!!!!!!

    hope your well

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