cant get any sleep

hi i just found out im pregnant im nearly 7 week gone but ever since i found out about 2 week ago i cannot get to sleep and dont kno not worried about anything at least i dont think that i am....i havent had any morning sickness or anything i only get back aches ..... is it normal?? or should i be experiencing sickness and stuff????


  • Hi hun, didnt want to r&r, most ladies dont get morning sickness i didnt with last two pregnancies but this one made me feel really bad for first 13 wks! I'm not too sure what you can do on the sleeping thing, maybe it's connected to excitement rather than worry?

    Have a wonderful pregnancy.xxxx

  • hi, firstly congratulations on your pregnancy. you maybe really lucky and not get any morning sickness. with regards to the sleep thing i found out at 6 weeks gone i was pregnant and havent had a full nights sleep since!! im puttin it down to my body gettin me used to no more sleep as used to sleep loads. my advice would be to sleep when you get chance, iv just got up from an hours kip!still hope that helps, even if it doesnt cheer you xxx
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