Heard my baby's heartbeat!

Hi ladies

I had my second antenatal appointment this morning and the midwife found my baby's heartbeat straight away - she couldn't find it at my first visit. Wow! It was so amazing! Although I've had two scans and seen my baby moving around, to actually hear the heartbeat was very emotional, and it was so fast. Brilliant! image xxxx



  • Hey hun

    I remember when me and my oh first heard our lo's heartbeat its sure was emotional for us!!, we even asked the midwife to do it again so we could record it on our mobile so we can hear it again and show it to my son so he can hear his sisters heart beat too!!

    I am now 40 weeks and one day over due and its my 3rd child and my oh's 3 rd child but our first if its makes sense!!

    I wish u all the best hunni and make the most of it!!!

    Good luck
    Carly 40 + 1 xxxxxxx
  • Thanks Carly. Unfortunately my hubby couldn't be there today as he's working away. We were both gutted. I didn't even think of recording it on my mobile, d'oh! He'll have to make sure he comes with me for my next appointment!

    Good luck for your forthcoming labour - not long to go for you! Any signs of things starting yet?

    All the best. I look forward to hearing your birth story!

    Serena xxxx

  • I know its so nice to hear i even went out and brought a doppler love listening to babys heatbeat!!! Mine is also really fast like a galloping horse hehe
  • Ah im 39 weeks and heard my babys heartbeat again yesterday you feel exactly the same every time you hear it! I heard from a midwife that if it sounds like a train its a boy and if it sounds like a horse its a girl but i cant tell the difference!
  • I bought one of those Cara, off eBay, but it's rubbish. I don't think it works properly as I've not been able to find the heartbeat myself! Will try again tonight though as I'm desperate to hear it again, it was wonderful!

    Oh I couldn't tell you whether the heartbeat sounded like a train or galloping horses. Will listen with that thought in mind next time, westbrom1! xxxx
  • Serena you cant normally hear heartbeat with a home doppler till about 24 weeks so dont think it doesnt work properly give it few more weeks and try again.
  • I've got an angel sounds heart doppler and have heard the hb from about 15 weeks. You have to press quite hard and its best lying on your back without a full stomach or anything. But I wouldnt worry if you cant hear it, depends how baby is lying, in fact you hear baby moving away from you while listening to it! Mines is always on the right side just above my pelvic bone but sometimes have to tilt the doppler up into my stomach a bit. Saying that, wouldn't be without mine!! xx
  • hi, i bought an angel sounds doppler too and it arrived this monring so i just had to jump on this post and say i heard my babies heartbeat today for the first time today too! Its amazing..and despite having two scans i found it much more emotional than seeing it on the screen which is wierd. I'm only 12 +4 so wasn't sure it would work yet but i used a bit of olive oil and got it first time! I can't wait till hubby comes home from work today to hear it too..xx
  • You need to use the gel i had an angel doppler and it didnt work so i am now renting one off the web it cost 16 a month and after 6 months its yours its one that has a loud speaker and its absolutley brill. Didnt get it till i was about 22-23 weeks but its says you can hear the heat beat from 16weeks with it!!
  • Thanks ladies. I'll keep persevering with it. Maybe now I know where to look for the heartbeat I'll find it! I didn't think it would be so low down as it was this morning!

    By the way, do you have to use a special gel? xxxx
  • the lady from the ebay shop that sold me mine said you can buy a special utrasound gel but she thought that olive oil or bio oil worked better, so i used that as didn't want to fork out another ??3 for the gel (blimey i sound tight!) Good luck with it, I placed mine where i remembered the sonographer put the stick when she got the best pic at the scans so maybe that will help.xx
  • Thanks! I can't wait to try again later!! xxxx
  • Its lovely when you hear the heart beat, isn't it, sooo emotional! I was lucky as my Dr found it at 11 weeks on the doppler and then hubby got to hear it when we had the 12 week scan. I never thought of recording it either, what a fab idea! I'll do that next time.

    Good luck with the doppler Serena, let us know how you get on xx
  • Thanks Tubbs, will do! xxxx
  • Yeah it was the most amazing thing honey! I got very emotional, it was just a shame hubby couldn't be there to hear it too. There's always next time.....!

    Tried using my home doppler again last night and still couldn't find the heartbeat! Either it's faulty or it's just too early to tell using the one I've got. Never mind!

    How are you? I hope you're OK? xxxx
  • Thanks Louisa. Don't worry, you too will be enjoying all of this very soon. I'm still keeping everything crossed that you get your BFP before too much longer. How are you? You must be on your 2 week wait? xxxx
  • it never gets boring listening to your lo heart beat i love it.

    good luck with the rest of your pregnancy
  • Thanks Ricechristy. How many weeks pregnant are you? I hope all's going well xxxx
  • Hiya

    Make sure the battery is ok - I was trying with mine and then changed the battery and could hear straight away. I could hear my lo's hb from 9 weeks!

    I've got an Angelsounds off ebay - make sure you always use gel (or I've heard others using baby/olive oil etc).

    I wouldn't be without mine - especially before I could feel the kicks.

    The other thing to remember is that before 16 weeks baby is still in pelvis, so I had to tip my Angelsounds downwards to get hb.

    Good luck!
  • im 36 weeks but cosi have a giant baby i get seen every week so i get to listen to heartbeat every week. i am currently practising being a beached whale. so your 16 weeks not long till your next scan. the second one is ace as you can see everything so much more clearly and lo is not so kidney bean esk lol.

    good luck again
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