newbie say hi

im venturing in cos wev found out im pregnant hard to believe since its eight years since my son was 36 will be 37 when im due touch wood. im only about four weeks so early days x x x


  • Hello Roisine


    I found out I was pregnant on Friday. I am nearly 32 and have a 13yr and a 10yr old, so been along time since I have had a baby too! I think I was 4 weeks on Saturday by my dates which according to the pregnancy calculators gives me a due date of 11th July. Nicki
  • congratulations to you both and welcome to the pregancy forums!!! wishing u both happy and healthy pregancies. Rachie xx
  • Congrats to you both!
    Hope you have a heathy and happy 8 months xx

    Sharon x

  • thanks ladies by the calculation i should be due july 12.long way to go am not going to docs for a couple weeks yet .this is making it so real.i cant believe it
  • Hello and welcome!

    Congrats to you both!

    Jennie 15+2 xx
  • Congratulations and welcome to the forum xxx

  • Big congratulations to you both and welcome to the forum. image

    Suzi 23+6 xx
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