I'm home!

Hi mums and bumps
well, I went into hospital and they hooked me up to a machine which monitored baby's heartbeat and contractions. I was having small contractions which I could feel but werent exactly painful just uncomfortable but they werent regular and baby was fine, head down but not fully engaged. They were a bit worried at I was 2cm dialated but then decided as I'd had a baby before it was ok as I wasnt dialating anymore and they couldnt get a finger up there (sorry tmi) so they put me on a drip which had stopped the contractions within about 2 hours and just kept me in for observation. They did a quick ultrasound and baby had come back up a little bit and I hadnt lost anymore of the plug so they've let me come home as long as I rest, which I have been doing. i feel fine now, it was a bit scary at the time as I'm only 24+3 but they were able to stop it as I wasnt in established labour. I had to have a few internals and my uterus hasnt moved forwards yet and hasnt dialted anymore so they're fairly sure that baby will stay put now!


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