confused about mmc

I thought that if you had a miscarriage, you would know because of bleeding, but from reading people's comments on here, you can also mmc, where you don't know lo has died. I can't find any info about this in any pregnancy books (are my books just rubbish?) and am getting worried - is there really know way of knowing, before your scan, whether everything is ok? Would you still have your pregnancy symptoms (sickness, sore boobs, tiredness etc) , or would they go away? And could taking another preg test tell you? I'm just scared I'll spend the next 5 weeks til scan thinking I am, and then suddenly get a huge shock if something has gone wrong - or do you just need to always prepare yourself for that? Thanks x


  • Hi - my doctor told me that if you are getting morning sickness then its a good sign as it means the preganncy hormones are strong in your body and the baby is definitely alive. I should think this goes for all symptoms.

    Hope this helps.
  • I was so paranoid that lo had died i did a clear blue test nearly everyday, and now im 19+3weeks i see the midwife each week to hear the heartbeat.
    So depending on how far gone you are if your under 12weeks then i know how you feel i was so worried with the bulid up to my scan, that in the end i just went to the hospital said i was bleeding and they gave me an emergency scan that was at 9weeks!
    i know thats not the way you should do it but it made me feel better about things.
  • I don't know the answer to that. Last year I was told at the 12 wk scan that my baby had died at 7 wks. I was shocked as I thought I was fine and putting on weight ect. It was a horrible emotional time for us. Anyway I did a test in sept and then shortly after had a large bleed so I assumed miscarriage. Carried on as usual then did another test in nov. Went to doctor he did test and I just had to wait. I went to him three times because i had a feeling something was different and was of course anxious. He told me basically to go away and stop worrying. I was booked in a couple of weeks ago and had my first scan last week. The funny thing is they were going to do the 12 wk scan but then realised I am 24 wks. What a cock up! I am annoyed with my doctor because he obviously thought I was going crazy told me the kicking I could feel was excitement due to christmas! I have missed the tests for down's and spina bifida so I have to wait until he is born to find out if he is ok. Although the scan was good and he looks very healthy.

    I know this doesn't help you but keep talking to your midwife/ Doctor if you have any worries. This is an important thing to you even if they see it every day. Plus they dont know everything!
    Hope things go well for you and what I wrote made any sense at all.
    Gem x
  • babe i was exactly the same. i heard from my mate that you can have a miscarriage but that basically the remains (god that sounds so evil - sorry) can not descend like usual i.e bleeding etc. and that you wouldnt know until your next scan.

    i was a ball of nerves after reading that as im sure you are, its my first im 16 weeks at the moment and im still petrified. but when i told the midwife she said i should think about getting a doppler for reassurance and once my bump comes i would usually feel better.

    im working on getting the doppler but there is so many i dont know where to start, and as for the bump im still waiting for it to come and say 'hi mum you can relax now'. the midwife said its basically a mental thing that gets stuck in first time mums heads quite a lot because you havent been through it before and your unsure about everything. she said to relax as it is very rare that you wouldnt bleed especially after 8weeks apparently. so im a little more relaxed now. but i definitly know how you feel. kisses and baby dust. xxxx
  • Im feeling alittle more relaxed at 24 wks because of the kicking but if i dont feel him move for a little while I start poking him! how cruel!
  • i think if u have loads of symptoms and then they suddenly go then that can be a sign! that obviously wouldn't work for me as i've had none to start with!! ha. i had never even heard of anyone having a mmc until i came on here!! i never even knew they even existed! maybe i would have been better off not knowing as i wouldn't be worrying! r they less common then normal mc or same or more?? i have a private scan on wed as i am so paraonid about everything and cant wait for my nhs dating scan!! so not long for me! yey xx
  • this is my second baby, and i hadnt ever gone on any forums the first time round, and hadnt heard of mmc's....i didnt even know that could happen, i just thought you would bleed and then know something had happened. this time i was so paranoid about that happening because at first you cant feel baby and some people dont have any symptoms either. now i am 23 weeks i am much more relaxed, have got a doppler but tend not to use it anymore as i always feel baby moving, but if i ever didnt feel him/her for a day id use it to check things were ok.

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  • Hi
    Don't want to panic anyone but sadly i had mmc at end of Dec and found out at 12 wk scan. They think baby died at about 8 wks. I never really had any sickness from the start but my boobs were big and i still tested positive right up until scan and for 2 weeks after D&C! It was a huge shock no matter how much you try and warn yourself. If you have chance to have early scan then go for it. I am def going to go for early scan next time even if a have to pay. I really don't want to scare people but sadly it can happen, fingers crossed for everyone xx
  • I had a mmc in my first pregnancy and did not know anything was wrong until they couldnt find lo heartbeat. Its one of those cruel things in life but they are not as common as mc, just where your body has failed to recognise that the baby has died and doesnt expel baby straight away. I was told however that your body would eventually mc and thats how some are discovered before your body acts upon whats happened.
    I had really little pregnancy symptoms and no morning sickness and ive read that a symptom of mmc is pregnancy symptoms disappearing or very little at all.
    Try not to worry though, i know its easier said than done, but take each day as it comes! image
  • Try not to worry as it prob won't happen. I had a mmc last year and I'm now 35 weeks pregnant, and I didn't get pg symptons in the first trimester of either pg. So please don't worry if you don't feel sick! It can be a worrying time and I think paying for scan is worth it if you can afford it and it's doing your head in. jo x
  • Hi, Ive just had a missed miscarriage. Yes you still get symptons (i had sickness and bigger/sore boobs - still have!)and yes the pregnancy test will still say positive. My baby stop growing at 7 weeks but my body hasnt miscarried. I am having to go to hospital tomorrow to take tablets to bring on a miscarriage. Hope this helps and also hope it doesnt worry (which I know it will!). If you are worried have a scan but i wouldnt suggest it before 7 weeks as it may cause undue worry (advice from nurse at early pregnancy assessment unit). good luckxxx
  • dont worry about having no symptoms either i was like this kept thinking something was wrong so i booked a private scan had it 2day and saw baby, heartbeat and arms and legs moving so everyone is different i'm sure u will be fine! i am 9 weeks 3 days is so nice to know what i am now too! xx
  • Hi all-

    This is my story

    I had my last period on 27 December

    ,no period in January so on the 5th of February  I took a pregnancy test which didn't work .I wanted to do another one but started bleeding so I thought is my period.I had some cramping which is normal for me and bled for about 3 day,like usual

    On the 11/12th February my boobs were getting very sore and went to the toilet often 

    I had a spare pregnancy test so decided to do it although I just had my period.the test was positive,took another 2 all positive. 

    I had some spotting on the 15th ,felt pregnant and still had symptoms. On the 19th I started bleeding like a normal period,went to doctor they couldn't see anything on ultrasound and the test was negative

    I actually misscaried on the 5th and the pregnancy symptoms came after because of the hormones still being present.

    If I didn't had that spare test I wouldn't have had any idea that I ve been pregnant and misscaried 

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