date mess up...big time!

Not me, my dates are fine.

My cousin is pregnant as well as myself and we were led to believe we were 6 weeks apart.

Well, she is massive, and i mean massive. She went for a 3d scan earlier this week and instead of being 29 weeks as she thought she is.. ready for it..

35 weeks!!!

What a feck up!
He weighs 5lb already and is fully engaged.

I can't believe they got it sooo wrong.

Makes 2 weeks either side look like nothing.


  • I guess it's good for her!!!
  • wow what a shock! is she happy about it?
  • Wow she must be well chuffed to have fast forwarded 6 weeks. Take it she wasnt activly trying for a baby then if she didnt know her ecd?
  • Take it she wasnt activly trying for a baby then if she didnt know her ecd?

    My dates were skewed to be begin with, my last period was November!!!! And I'm only 13+4, I came off the pill at xmas so we could start trying and never had a period. I went to my GP in March with concerns about lack of periods and pregnancy symptoms but negative urine tests so they took blood and found I was indeed pregnant image
  • Take it she wasnt activly trying for a baby then if she didnt know her ecd?

    I wouldnt have thought it mattered cos dates are usually confirmed by measurements taken at the scans. Did both scans say she was only 12 and then 20 weeks?
  • NOOOO!!! Bet she's panicking big time!

    Better get that bag packed, things bought, room tidied etc etc! Bless her - still at least she got to fast forward a bit.

  • Bet she fancied a strong drink after hearing that...but couldn't have one! Never mind, not so far away from some serious drug taking to numb the shock (and pain!) whilst in labour :lol: I'm surprised the shock didn't send her into labour image
  • people, this is not good thing lol.

    Just think she has missed 6 weeks of prenatal care. Bloods etc.. she was working 12 hour days when she should have been on maternity leave.. but the bit that makes me laugh is her midwife has blatently missed how much bigger she is. I mean she is proper massive coz we were saying how much bigger she is than me when we were only meant to be 3 weeks apart.
    Luckily she has everything etc but to have missed it all on scans as well.

    When she ent for her 20 week one (which she would actually have been 26 weeks) they commented on how big he was as he didn't fit on the screen but left it at that.

    I know what u mean. By my dates I would be 28 weeks, but my scans say I am 2 weeks earlier than that so.. not feeling so confident now lol.
  • She is actually very calm, not much phases my cousin tbh.

    We are just so shocked that they missed it, including the midwife. I would be doing my nut if it was me.
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