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Swine Flu in London

Have you seen on the news that there are two new cases of Swine Flu now in London. Before I was not that worried but now I am a little worried.
K xx


  • I know hon.
    We have been told that 3 people in my company have suspected swine flu but they are based about an hour away. We have to submit contingency plans to shut our warehouses if if spreads to us. It's really scary
  • Oh my god really, you work in London don't you. I was not that worried about it before as it was far away from home, I knew there was a chance it would come down but now having two cases in London has freaked me out.

    k XX

  • No I used too, i'm local to us now in the glamorous world of logistics!!! The 2 outbases are northamptonshire and Daventry so about an hour away and we find out tomorrow if it's swine flu or not. There is one in kent too which is about 45 mins from us. I can't believe it's actually that close and apparently the drugs they give you don't cure it, just make it a little easier!!! xx
  • oh god it is scary....seen people on the tube today wearing masks! Although they apparently dont do anything! x
  • Wow that is close. I guess we all just have to be careful really and nobody in the uk has died from it so thats one good thing.

    I have just started to get a cold as well which I have not had at all throughout my pregnancy!!

    K XX

  • There is something pregnant women can take though, its inhaled and so goes direct to your lungs not into your blood stream.
    Think its not as bad as there has only been one death outside of Mexico which was a mexican child who was in the US for treatment.
    Apparently its easily transmitted but as our immune systems deal with the same strain (N1H1) flu every winter and so are stronger to fight it.
    The first couple who came home from Mexico have been released from hospital today so it cant be that bad realistically its just scary as its all over the news but there are only 8 confirmed cases out of 60 odd million britains 2 of which have got over the illness.
  • They have said to try and eat healthy, drinks lots and keep our immune system up so thats all we cna do.
    Woody thats scary!!!!
    Mummy - I didn't realise we could take something, PHEW!!! x
  • Yeah you are right, it's meant to be like having a normal fly so we will just have to make sure we wash our hands and so on and eat well and look after ourselves.

    K xx

  • Exactly KLou. I have my antibacterial hand gel at the ready LOL! xx
  • It was on this morning a woman from NHS direct was on saying that there are 2 meds that can be taken and one is suitable for pregnant women. It was good to know.
    My inlaws have been travelling round Australia for the past 2 weeks and are due home tues via Bangkok if they confirm any of the 100+ cases in Oz they are coming no where near me (not that it'd be a bad thing anyway lol)
    Just make sure you wash your hands, cook any pork products properly to 70 degrees, sneeze into a tissue as hands arent effective enough a barrier, use antibacterial products n your worktops etc to stop the spread as you should anyway and just avoid anyone thats ill or suspected ill.
    Our immune systems arent great while pregnant to just go steady and be careful, masks arent effective either so dont worry about wearing them its just scaremongering as usual.
  • plus has anyone actually ever had flu??? I have had plenty colds but not actual flu! x
  • Ha Ha MummyR2B! Wish my MIL would bloody stay clear of me!!! She's a nurse and boy does she go on!!!!
    It's so true about our immune systems. I have felt totally rubbish and had a cold since finding out about lo and I'm normally really good!!!
    Woody - good point. I have had flu once and god do you know about it. My DH on the other hand would argue he has never had a cold, only ever flu LOL!
    One of the guys today phoned to say he wouldn't be in as he felt fluey. I joked and went "don't tell me, Swine Flu" to which I got 5 mins of how bad he felt and was dizzy etc etc. I felt like going hey mate, i have a cold and i'm pregnant, being sick, dizzy, and cant take anything for my sore throat to which feels like a golf ball is in it but you take the day off!
    Men eh - makes me laugh!!! xxx
  • Men only get severe influenza - the poor things! x
  • It must be soemthign to do with the male hormone surely as women just don't tend to suffer with it!!! xxx
  • It's quite scary at just how fast its spreading! But im trying not to worry too much as it wont help the situation, i am being cautious using anti bacterial gel after everything lol xxx
  • There's a case literally 5 mins from where I live. I'm v worried...
    I'm obsessively washing my hands and using antibac gel. x
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