Omega 3 capsules free to good home

I upgraded from normal Pregnacare to Pregnacae Plus a few days ago, which basically involves taking an Omega 3 fish oil capsule in addition to the usual multivitamin & folic acid pill. To cut a long story short it made me vomit (haven't vomited before during this pregnancy so I'm convinced that's it) so have decided the baby obviously doesn't want any Omega 3!

Anyone want the fish oil capsules? (I know I haven't exactly sold them well but the tablets are brand new so there's nothing wrong with them - they just didn't agree with me). Email me your address & I'll post them today or tomorrow.



  • Hi pinkToothbrush,

    I take the pregnacare plus and haven't had a problem with the fish oil capsules. Would be able to use them if you haven't got anyone to give them to. Thanks.
    Claire x
  • Pinktoothbrush, are you taking the pregnacare tablet and a seperate folic acid? I was taking only the pregnacare until a friend pointed out that there wasnt enough folic acid in the tablet. I am now only taking folic acid, and have put the pregnacare to one side as I was scared of taking too much folic acid!!! Now im confused. Help??? xx
  • Hi tuppence,
    I know this question wasn't for me but I'm just taking pregnacare. Didn't realise there wasn't enough folic acid in it, think it's too late now though anyway cos I'm 20 weeks tomorrow???
    Claire x
  • Aargh, why isn't there enough folic acid in Pregnacare?? That makes no sense, it's supposed to be a complete supplement I thought.... Will go and research it now and get back to you, Tuppence!

    Clairen - you're welcome to the capsules, do you want to email me your address using the email button on my profile? I'm a Claire too :\)
  • This is from the Pregnacare website:

    Recommended level of folic acid
    The Department of Health recommends women planning a baby should take a supplement containing 400mcg of folic acid from the start of trying to conceive until the 12th week of pregnancy. This is the exact amount of folic acid contained in Pregnacare????, but folic acid is also important after the first twelve weeks. As well as helping to maintain normal healthy development of the neural tube and nervous system, folic acid is required for foetal growth and is vital for cell division from a single cell to a fully developed baby.

    The DoH website backs this up. So no need to worry, girls!
  • can't find your email Claire, my email is [email protected]

    If you mail me I'll mail you my address
    Ta Claire xxx
  • i take a large dose of folic acid 5mg (about 10 times more than a normal amount in pregnacare) as prescribed by my gp so dont think you have to worry about overdosing on it ladies.
    Also have tried the omega fish oils and felt in 1st few weeks made my nausea worse, but then anything i ate did that as well!
    Filo x
  • I was taking the sanatogen pronatal plus (with omega fish oil) as Im a veggie and never eat fish so was worried about the affects on brain and eye development. I took them with my last 2 pg's too, and never had a problem. Tasteless and odourless and easy to swallow!

    Are you sure it wasnt just a coincidence pinktoothbrush? x
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