Just wondering...

does any one else find it difficult/ is hurt by sitting on a hard chair since getting pregnant? :roll:


  • yes i do too its really uncomfortable and hurts the top off my bump for some reason xx
  • yeah that's what I get I have to do some paper work and all i am doing is finding excuses to walk around or do it standing up lol x
  • Im finding it difficult to sit dwn on harder chairs because I get pains in my lower back right/top of bottom. I was expecting back pain coz I was so big last time and suffered, however I wasnt expecting it this early. But i guess coz im running around after a toddler as well it has agrivated it. Kerry xxx
  • Yep - have been known to take a cushion out with me before now! Funny how you get past caring what people think!:lol:
  • lol that so true its all about the comfort! lol
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