twitching feeling??

Hi Girls, well im most probably going crazy!! but

this morning on my way to work i got a twitchy feeling, you know the kind you get when you get a twictch in your eye?

and i am having it again now in the exact same place. Is it impossible too early for it to be my baby?

Im 11+3 today?



  • I felt exactly the same on Christmas Eve when I was 13 weeks so not impossible. I would say it's baby you can feel
  • I had that the other night when I was lying in bed. It must be the beanies!!
    Pim (12+4) xx
  • oh i am soo excited!! i just want to call DH but he was on nights last night so still sleeping...

    Iv been to the loo to see if i can see anything moving like you can when your eye twitches and i cant see anything image xxxxx
  • If its a constant twitch, like 2-3 seconds apart and regular like that, could be baby with the hiccups. Mine gets hiccups loads and its like a twitch or someone flicking me inside!
    Not sure whether they can get hiccups that early though!!!

    Joo xxx
  • Wow stephs from all the comments sounds like you may have felt your baby! Thats so lovely xx
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