hip pain and work

has any one else got real bad hip pain?? this is stopping me from doing basic things like house work and goin up the stairs! and ive been off work since i was 8 weeks pregnant im 14 now, i want to go back to work but im so frustrated at the fact i cant even walk the legnth of my living room without bein in agony and i live with my oh and wen hes at work i find it so hard wen i need the loo i work in a supermarket so wen i go back ill be on checkouts but that will mean me up and down all the time which just isnt physically possible!!! has any 1 else got a similar prob? the doc cant do any thin but tell me 2 take pain killers but this is gettin me down now as ive been like this for 4 weeks now and i hope it gets easier now im just worried about goin back to work coz i know they wont be nice to me

bec x x x


  • Maybe you should speak to the doctor about it as it sounds similar to SPD. I don't know a huge amount about SPD but it might be worth googling it and seeing image

  • i got doc app today @ 5 hope she can help
  • I get quite a bit of hip pain, like I can't sleep on one side for too long or sit in certain positions but it is nothing like what your sounds like. I hope the doctor can help, really stress the amount of pain you are in as doctors can be really pants sometimes.

  • Hi bec and bump, I have ridiculous hip pain too and only 12weeks 3days. My midwife just reckons its normal and because its my 2nd everything is already loose, I think thats crap cos some days it feels like when you get a trapped nerve but hey shes the expert.

    As for work, I am sorry but they will have to make your job easier, have they done a risk assesment yet? if you are having difficulties in your role they have to look into it, see if they can make it better for you or find you another role.

    Hope it eases off, although I am not feeling hopeful for mine.
    Even hurts in bed, cant sleep on that side at all anymore
  • well i got signed off at 8 weeks but they had known for 4 weeks before this and they didnt do one so no they havnt it just real;ly want this to go away for 1 day ill be more than happy then
  • ok so we're discussing hip and back pain hmmmm well lets tell it in short SPD comes in to BOTH catagories i have severe back pain and hip pain (groinal area... i went to my docs who referred me straight to physio i went 2 days after docs did what midwife asked test wise and have been diagnosed with SPD and sciatica! push your doc to refer you to physio one with a pregnant woman specialist! mine is great i'm 17+3 have a giant tubigrip i wear to bed for support and a bump belt to lift some of baby's weight off pelvis and exercises to do with a visit back in 2 weeks (a week weds) i might end up on crutches and possibly to the end on strict bed rest. its worth pushing becs so you can get it seen to i'm on the strongest painkillers they can give you in pregnancy without going on anti-inflammatries! i've been in pain with sciatica for 10-11 weeks and groin pain for about 6 weeks it eases it (it won't go away till after baby is born and may still suffer afterwards too.
  • I have this pain all the time but I have arthritis.

    Try applying heat or ice packs to the affected area. It will help.
  • I've been signed off since 20 weeks with joint and back pain, went to the physio yesterday and she thinks it's a swelling and circulation thing (coupled with my pre-existing joint condition), she doesn't think I'm going to be back before my maternity leave starts. Can you have more time off??? Make sure you get a phyio appt hun! xxx
  • i got a physio app well i bin referd just waitin 4 appointment i have been signed off since i was 8 weeks i just wanna be ok b4 i go back to work i will not be pushed into it by them
  • well ive benn at the docs every week since it started and its took me 6 weeks to get to this point
  • well ive benn at the docs every week since it started and its took me 6 weeks to get to this point
  • well ive benn at the docs every week since it started and its took me 6 weeks to get to this point
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