really worried about morning sickness

Hi ladies,
my first post in the pregnancy forum as just found out I'm pregnant. I've just gone into my fifth week and up untill today I have just had slight nausea. However, woke up to feeling very sick and then proceeded to have bad diarrhoea. I think I went about 4 times and was just like the squash I had drank earlier (sorry if tmi). Since then the sickness kept coming in waves until I was really quite sick late this afternoon. Feel much better for being sick now but very weak and cannot face food at all and still a slight feeling of nausea. I don't think it is food poisoning as cannot think of anything I have eaten to do such a thing. I am actually quite worried as I am so early in my pregnancy. Has anyone else suffered such symptoms, do I need to see the doctor?


  • Hi, it sounds like your 'morning' sickness could have just got a whole lot worse, or you coulld have picked up a winter bug. I would keep your fluid up and try all the tried and tested morning sickness remedies like ginger biscuits, dry toast, lemon and ginger tea etc. It can help to keep some dry crackers by your bed and eat them before you get up in the morning. If the diarrhoea continues more than a day or two then probably best go see your gp.

    Congrats on your pregnancy though and hope you feel better soon!
  • oh thank you, it's just good to have some reassurance. DH husband has no idea what my body is going through so automatically assumes the worst.
  • hi morning sickness can be at any time of the day, and in fact for me it lasted practically all day!! you will find different things that you can keep down, lucozade is good to keep up your energy, altho it says it shouldnt be used to replace fluids lost during diahorea so try to drink other things too...also as reassurance about baby, i read somewhere that the baby only eats what you eat after 14 weeks (i may be worng maybe someone could correct me) altho bad things (like alcohol or whatever) can pass thru blood from start.
    i also found that eating the tiniest things often helped most, dry biscuits etc and things that arent atall greasy or strongly flavoured. i think its just your body and every one will be different, ginger ale helped me a whole lot with the nausea, and it all went away about 15 weeks, thankfully as i thought it would never end!!

    as for the diahorrea im not sure if that is a pregnancy thing, ive never experienced it as part of pregnacy, so if it still there after 2 days i think you should phone midwife for best advice.but take care, rest as much as possibe ad try not to worry x
  • I know exactly hoe you feel, I fouind out at 6 weeks while in Jamacia on Honeymoon, I didnt go to the doc at 1st as thought I had just eaten something funny!!! I was very lucky cos it did stop at about 12-13 weeks, but then the heartburn kicked in!! Touch wood, I am all ok now and feeling great!! It is the worst feeling, but hopfully you will be luck like me and it will pass
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