HPT & twins!

Did another test today as I wanted something to feel better about having my blood taken on Monday at my 1st midwive appointment... I'll be 8 weeks Monday.

Anyway, I did the test & the result line came up super quick & went dark before the line that says if it's worked or not had chance to show! So now I'm worried that I'm having twins! I heard that the hormone levels are higher with twins & also they higher the levels the quicker the test works... But on the instructions it says the line that says it's working should show 1st? Any ideas/advice/etc welcome! image

Jess x



  • Thanks for the advice, as I said I see the midwife tomorrow so will ask her.

    Jess x


  • Not necessarily true...I did my test 5 days even before my af was due (and I knew it wasn't due till then as I was really regular 28days). The line came up instantly like yours and was very dark pink. And I'm definitely just having the one!! xxxx


  • hormone levels don't always show twins. my mum didn't know she was having twins till 36weeks and she had us at 38weeks!!

    wait and see what the scan shows, I alway think it's twins till I have the first scan, as Zoey says twins are quite likley to have multiple so I think I always prepare myself early!
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