another bleed...advice please

hi ladies

i had a little bleed last tues and weds and went for an early scan last friday, i should have been 7+2 but baby measured 6+4 but could see heartbeat and all was well...but today iv had another small bleed just when i wiped, its a pinky colour, the same as the first bleed...should i ring my GP again? would they scan me again? going from my original dates im 8+1 today and have got my 12 week scan in a month...what should i do? iv got no pain at the moment although iv had stomach ache the last few days...

ashy xx


  • call the epu and get your self in for a scan - other wise you will not be able to relax.

    Good luck hunny x x
  • I agree give doc a call and get it checked out, I'm sure it's nothing to worry about but you need to have peace of mind.

    Good Luck hon xx
  • do you think id be able to get another scan one as i had one last week?
  • Hi Ashy,

    Get yourself booked in for another scan hun, it's going to be the only thing that'll put your mind at rest xxx
  • i dont think they will let me as i had one on fri. im going to ring my doctor now...
  • Ring the Doctor, just because the scanned you on Friday, doesn't mean they won't today!
    Do it! Let us know how you get on and good luck xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • hi just rang them and my doctor isnt in today so spoke to a different one, she said there is nothing they can do as its only a small bleed and the hospital wont want to scan me so close to having my last one image so iv just got to wait 4 weeks until my 12 week scan...

    ashy x
  • So sorry hun thats rubbish! Hopefully it will stop but if it doesnt make sure you keep pestering them


  • that is a load of crap. Just take urself down to epu hun, i would!
  • I had two scans 2 days apart! if you're worried push your doctor or go down the hospital
  • I bled at 6 weeks and had a scan at 6+3 the bleeding did stop but started again and went on like that till about 7 weeks. They didn't want to scan me again either but all was fine, they say its implantation bleeding! But if it gets heavier or your really worried then get urself checked out.
    Good luck
    Jennie 30+5
  • Oh ashy, I really hope everythings ok. If you present at epu will they do you there and then or is it appointment only. if not surely its worth a try fingers crossed x
  • i had 4 bleeds during the early weeks and i was told each time to go into a&e and let them refer me to the epu. i was scanned each try your local a&e unit. they say you should have every bleed looked into because the cause doesnt have to be the same each time. good luck n try not to worry too much x
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