Wheres my belly already...

Hey ladies,

I absolutely love being pregnant I love that DH is being so kind and helpful at the moment, but the one thing I don't love is I still haven't got a belly lol

I want to be waddling round feeling like crap, then I will feel really pregnant! But I know that once I get to that stage I will curse that I ever wrote this thread but I just can't help but want a big belly so the whole world knows just how pregnant I am.

Am I mad? or do others feel like this too? (ohhh and i'm 12+2 days)



  • Hey there!

    I was like you and couldn't wait to look pregnant and have a neat little bump. I bought all my maternity clothes far too early and didn't really show till about 18 weeks.

    Now I am 38+4 and can't wait to get out of my maternity clothes, sleep, get comfortable, stop waddling and needing the loo every 5 minutes!!
    I've put on nearly 4 stone and gone up 3 bra sizes!

    I have loved being pregnant but these last few weeks are begining to take their toll and I just can't wait to be a mummy now!

    Enjoy each part as it comes and don't wish it all away - it goes quickly enough as it is!

  • i'm a bit the same - but dont forget you have to go through the stage of looking like you ate too many pies before you reach the big pregnant belly stage!!!! I'm fed up just looking a bit fat in my work clothes image
  • hello im 16 weeks today. I dont want to waddle if i can help it although probably will!
    My lo decided to have a growth spurt recently and yesterday I noticed my belly was bigger. I look forward to a neat round bump rather than a belly that looks just fat! not used to having a big stomach so its a bit strange really! xxx
  • hi im 17 weeks and am going thru the stage of not really looking rpregnant, just fat!!so i cant wait to have more of a bump...my clothes dont fit me, but i just look like ive put on weight cause my bum and hips have got bigger (that happened to me last time too but not so early on).
  • My belly has suddenly exploded in the last couple of weeks or so, and now everyone at work has started commenting how much you can see it!!! And I'm just short of my 20 week scan!! Now def started to waddle too!!
  • I'm 20 weeks, just had my scan and I really do have a proper bump, which is great. I was sooo fed-up at about 14 weeks cos I didn't look any bigger at all, then overnight it just shot out. I haven't put on much weight and it's all on my stomach but some is on my face too, bit of a bummer, lol. I must look big though as someone let me in front of them in the supermarket a few weeks ago.
    20+4 x x x
  • I got a bump really early on with my son and started looking pg at about 15-16 weeks and just carried on growing i was huge. I was that big i was measuring 5 weeks bigger at 30 weeks and had to go for a scan but everything was ok, but no wonder as my son was 10lb on the nose, so i am dreading this time as they get bigger my first one was 8lb 91/2 so this one could be a monster lol
    vikki xx
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