Is anyone else breech at nearly 31 weeks???

I don't know whether to worry or not and does anyone have any ideas for helping lo turn?

Lo going to have a dinted head as it seems permanently wedged in my spare rib.


  • I wouldn't worry too much yet, your lo still has plenty of time to move himself! I think there are positions you could try though to encourage him, like going down on all fours - your mw should be able to advise you.
    Good luck!
  • Theres still plenty of time yet hun, speak to your midwife and ask the best positions for turning baby.
    Good luck xxx
  • Haha!! My little brother mocks me saying my baby is going to have a 'Stuey' head and look like Stuey from Family Guy as my baby is breech too!!

    I am 29 weeks so not quite as far as you but midwife as told me not to worry at this stage, of course i am though!
    Like MrsC06 says, you can get on all fours with your bum in the air which apparently helps. I am going to wait till aroun 36 weeks and if she hasn't turned all be getting my butt in the air!

    I have read on the net that if baby is still breech at 38 weeks they can do an ECV which i think means they try to turn the baby manually. I am really not keen on this at all as have heard a few horror stories. Do you know if you are allowed to refuse this? I know it means a c-section but i'd rather that than something going wrong with the ECV.

    p.s sorry to go off the subject completely but are you watching the boxing? I am grugingly with hubby as all his mates have gone up to see it live, I can't believe its all over! How quick was that! I bet hubbys mates are so peeved!!! Haha! xxx
  • feb baby - my boyfriend is constantly saying the baby is in there planning their take over of the world just like stewie from family guy men eh???
  • ok thanks I didn't watch the boxing but my hubby would have liked too unfortunately he didn't want to pay for box office and he wouldn't have been able to watch the replays as he was at work. He would have stopped up for it though.

    I wasn't interested but i wish Hatton would have won i don't like mayweather.

  • My mum reckons I was breech until 36 weeks, and turned by myself, so you have loads of time! She said she felt me turn and it was rly weird. She ended up having a section anyway due to back problems tho x x x
  • Hi hun,

    I wouldn't worry too much at this stage, my MW told me that our babies are probably in the breech position every other day at the moment and it has no bearing yet on what position they'll be in for birth :\) xx
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