i fainted today

hi, i went to my local mini shopping centre with my oh like we normally do at the weekend, i had, had breakfast and had a sausage roll when i got there. i decided i wanted a smoothie as it was a sunny and warm day 2day it was very busy so i had to stand and wait for about 10 mins or so suddenly i started burning up and feeling sooo sick i thought i was going to throw up in the middle of the centre! then i got my smoothie and started walking but i started going so dizzy and couldnt see very well and my legs went to jelly! i kept saying to my oh i need to go outside i'm going to faint then i fainted! he caught me and him and security guard put me in a wheel chair and took me outside once i was there i was fine. i don't know if this was cos i was standing for o long and it was hot ( the centre had a glass roof) or maybe i am anemic? i guess when i have bloods that will tell. i am 11 weeks 2day, have midwfie 2morrow and scan on tuesday so will mention it to her. anyone else had anything like this? xxx


  • hi hun i fainted on monday in the middle off asda in the soap powder isle. felt so embarressed when i come round had loads off people stirring at me my poor mother didnt no what to do. i think being in a warm environment especially in the one place on you feet for a while does affect it. i phoned my mw when i got home and told her what happend and she told me that when the baby lies in a certain position it can cause you to pass out. The joys off pregnancy. im 16+4 and its the first time its happend since being pregnant.

  • Hiya, I had exactly the same thing the other day but didn't actually faint, i'd managed to sit down in time! Never felt nethin like it b4 it was horrible, and i felt horrible all day. The last bloods i had showed my iron levels were fine. Hope ur feelin better now
  • I have felt dizzy but luckily never fainted. I usually sit down when I feel it coming on and try and make sure I have something to eat or drink. Try keeping a drink and a chocolate bar with you should you feel funny again.
  • thanks for ur replies yeh i will keep a bottle of water with me from now on, i had eaten b4 i went out but i didn't have very much to drink thats why was getting a smoothie they just took to long!! i've never had this happen b4 so was really scary i felt like i was soooo drunk.xxx
  • I am so sorry to gatecrash. Im from the ttc forum, I remember you princessjane, how times flying... glad you ok now. x

    Anyway I felt just like this the other day (Wed), and was exactly same, and the words I also used to sum it up was 'I felt drunk'.

    Now Im on cd34 but not has my bfp yet (no af either).

    So fingers crossed for me eh?

    em x
  • i fainted in asda when i was 24 weeks i was took to hospital i showed all the same symptoms as you, but i had bronkitus so they thought it was down to that but i still get the symptoms now if i am walking or standing for to long i have to stop and sit down and put my head down till it passes,
    my iorn has never been low so dunno why it happens to me,


  • Hi princessjane, I felt very faint the other day (i'm 12 +3 - although waiting for scan on Friday so this may change!) I was at work, and standing talking to someone at her desk and suddenly felt very hot and my head started to swim, in the end I had to say sorry I've got to go and sit down, I think the lady I was talking to was a bit surprised as only my boss at work knows I'm pregnant so far.

    I also had this a lot with my first pregnancy, especially towards the end, when I was about 35 weeks I was at the hairdressers and I nearly passed out (even though I was sitting down), all the staff were running about bringing me fans and glasses of water - I think they thought I was going into labour!!
  • hi i have been looking up about fainting on internet ( i know sometimes looking things up can make things worse but this time it has made me feel much better!) it seems to be very common in the 2nd trimester of pregnancy which most of are in , i am 11 weeks so coming into it. most seem to have had the same symptoms as me with dizziness blurred vision and ears getting blocked then eventually passing out, but if u sit down as quick as u can with head between ur legs it normally stops u from fainting. i think it is def a good idea about the chocolate bar and drink, gives me an excuse to buy more choc haha. xxx
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