17 days left

until due date cnt wait but the baby is already engaged so could meet him sooner ive been gettin alot of pains backache feeling sick n doin alot of number 2's(sorry if tmi)thats very unlike me lol.hope everyones preg is goin well
luv abbie n bluebump 37wk+4


  • Hi Abbie, lucky you!!! I wish I only had 17 days left! Still another 75 to go for me! I hope things start to happen for you soon, certainly sounds as if they will! Good luck.
    Tammi xxx
    29.2 weeks
  • hi am the same 20 day to go she is 2/3 engaged with a lot of back pain and a lot of number 2's it is bin like this for about week now just getting feed up now i am have sweep on Thuresday i am expeting a big baby just hoping it will work but knowing my luck it will not work i hope you are feeling ok and goes well for you
  • i have 32 days left. wish it was 17 lol. i remember being sat on the toilet for half the night with both of my last pregnancies thinking that all i needed was a poo and the backache would go away and i could get some sleep, both times it was labour and i was fooled into thinking it was constipation ha haimage
  • hi everyone lol thnx for posts hope everyones preg r goin well
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