My funny son!

My 6 yr old, Ollie, is adamant he wants a brother!

When we 1st told him we were having a baby - he stated in no uncertain terms that a girl was not sharing his room!

Another time when I asked his opinion on names for the baby he would only say "Steve" (as in Irwin) my little boy thinks he is the next crocodile hunter!

Then just a few minutes ago he was talking to me about his baby brother going to his school and I said "it might be a sister" and his response was - "I don't want a sister, a brother will be better at hide and seek"

How do you respond to that?

I find out on 13th Feb and have no idea how to break it to him if it is a girl lol

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  • Aww, bless him! Sorry i have no idea how u could break it to him if it's a girl, but readin ur post thought it was sweet how adamant he is that he wants a little bro! At least u have a few weeks til u mite hav to break it to him
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