To those of you who've had morning sickness

Hi fellow sufferers!

Just wondering when your sickness stopped? I know some poor people have it right to the end, but did many of you have it ease off after 12 weeks?

I'm almost 13 weeks and still suffering, but seems to be more on and off now - was fine yesterday evening but have spent this morning hugging the toilet bowl... yuck.

Would be interested to hear your experiences xx


  • I am 12+3 and still suffering. Mine is more manageable now, at least I know when I going to be sick, and the general queasiness stopped a few days ago.

    Hope you are feeling better soon
  • Hi coco! With my first pregnancy my morning sickness stopped at 12 weeks, so I was fully expecting it to stop at 12 weeks with my second pregnancy but it didn't go til I was in my 16th week xx
  • Im 12+6 and have been sick on average 6-8 times a week, mine has got a lot better over the last week only been sick 3 times this week and today is first day i have woken up not feeling sick so hoping that means its starting to ease!

    rach x
  • hi sorry to hear your all suffering. my sickness lasted till 15 wks am now 24 wks have been sick once in that time. some people unfortunately dont seem to stop being sick the whole pregnancy but it is quite rare for that to happen. hope you all feel better soon x
  • with my first the mornng sickness didnt start til i was about 8 -9 weeks and didnt stop till just before 20 weeks and i worked in a factory at the time that prepared ready to roast vegetables which often smelt garlicy and the was my one thing that made my sickness worse so i was often sick at work i only 4 weeks the minute so im hoping 2nd time round it not as bad
  • Sorry to hear you are suffering.My morning sickness carried on until i was about 17 weeks,i am now 22 weeks and have my appetitie back which is great!
    I hope you don't have to suffer wih it for too long1 xx
  • Hi Coco, my afternoon and evening sickness stopped at 14 weeks - when I got the flu instead, lol!! Hope you feel better soon.
    Ames x
  • mine stopped after about 14 weeks or so, but (and i know this won't be the same for everyone but if your really suffering it might be worth giving a try!) i stopped taking my pregnancy vitamins at this time (moving house, temporarily lost them) and i noted that id stopped being sick but just thought it was coincidental. so once i had moved house i started taking the vitamins again as everyone says how important they are, and as soon as i did i started being sick again!!!! like i said - i know this won't apply to everyone, but it might be worth a shot if your being sick twice a day everyday like i was!! xxxx hope it eases soon for all of you!
  • hi hun, uptill about 14 weeks i was being sick 6-8 times a day, and then it stopped but for the last couple of weeks i've started being sick again in the mornings, just a couple of times and then i'm fine and it's so much better then earlier on
    hope yours stops soon
  • Hi love,

    Hope you are feeling better. Mine stopped about 16 weeks thats was me actually being sick though I still get times now where I come over feeling very sick sadly

    k XX
  • The sickness got much better at 12 weeks, I have only been sick a handful of times since then and it is always first thing in the morning. I still have nausea in the morning and when I don't eat for a while

    17+5 x
  • I'm 19wks and still have morning sickness most days. Have stopped throwing up for now about 2wks ago but am expecting it to come back.
  • Hi

    Mine stopped at about 14 weeks. I am now 21 weeks and for some reason i was sick a couple of time last week. Maybe because i didn't have a great deal to eat in the mornings. Nicki
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