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Hi Karen i just read a post that you replied to and noticed that you mentioned going into labour at 23 weeks and that you now have a suture in place,I've never spoken to anyone in the same situation as me and just thought id write to you as i lost my 1st baby at 23 weeks and had suture in when pregnant with my daughter now aged just over 2 1/2 and i have a suture in now.How far pregnant r u hon and do u know when you will have suture taken out?just thought id say hi really!!
lv Hanna 29 weeks preg xx


  • Hi chick - I don't know anyone else with a suture in either! Didn't think it was that unusual but seems to be rarer than I thought.

    So sorry to hear that you lost your first baby. My little girl managed to live (amazing for nearly 20 years ago) but unfortunately had a separate lung disease which she eventually died from 3 years ago, so I lost my first born as well, albeit 16 years after her birth. It's hard going huh?

    Anyway.... I'm now 26+2 with my 4th (and last!) child and everything is going really well. Don't know if you get this, but it's just started and I had it with my last pg aswell - it feels like the baby pushes on the suture - I get a shooting pain from you know where every now and again - it really takes my breath away and it gets worse the heavier I get - do you get this?

    As for removing the suture I'll be having an elective section at 38 weeks so they'll whip it out then. Are you having a normal birth?

    The other thing I've noticed is that this time, the suture is really long - almost dangling out when I sit down (sorry tmi!). When I questioned this cos it is really uncomfortable at times they said it's because it's easier to remove and less painful at the point of going into labour. (not that it will affect me!)

    Ok, this is turning into an epic now -you'll be sorry you contacted me, but I've never had anyone else to talk to about this - were you advised to abstain if you get my drift - we weren't but I read somewhere on the internet that it was a big no-no. Not that it would be very comfortable anyway with this big tape thing hanging down!!!

    Really good to 'meet' someone else who has this as well!
  • Hia hon no its nice 2 chat 2 someone bout all this as have nobody 2 talk bout it 2 as my friends all have "normal" pregnancies!!with my daughter i had the suture removed at 36 weeks and then went on to have a natural birth.I was awake when it was removed and it was quite painful so glad to be told i'll be put asleep this time!Apparently i've had a different,new suture this time which has been found to be the most effective.Its more complecated so i had 2 be put asleep to have it put it (when i was 13 weeks) and it took an hr as theres a stitch at the base ot the cervix(bit that shrinks before u start 2 dilate)&they cut the vaginal wall to also get higher up to suture top of the cervix!sounds scary when i write it dwn!!i've got a scan nxt week at 30 wks and think consultant will book for having it taken out.He said this will prob be around 35 wks.He did ask if i wanted a c section at 38 weeks but as my labour went so well with my daughter i decided to try natural again,although may end up changing my mind as i've got spd n quite achey!!!I havent relly ben advised on "sex!" didnt dare with my daughter as was so scared of loosing her but we have tried a couple of times this time but not 2 comfortable 4 either of us!!I'm so sorry to hear about your daughter thats awful.
    Sorry im rambling on now!!! xxx
  • ewww - that suture sounds drastic! I had the usual one put in at 14 weeks (mcdonald) under spinal block which was ok. Bet you're glad you're gonna be put to sleep to remove - wipe you out for a few days though having a general you poor thing - especially just before the birth. Make sure you rest plenty.

    LOL re not being comfortable for either of you - brings back memories of last time and dh really complaining that there was something stabbing him!!!!

    Good luck anyway hon and keep in touch now we've found each other (aaaahhhh.....!)x
  • yea i had mcdonald in last pregnancy.spinal block sounds scary was it ok?not lookin 4ward 2 the general its not nice is it.My oh has complained bout somethin stabbing him n i thought he was making it up!!o dear!do u know what sex baby ur having this time or not?i'm having another little girl xx
  • Just saw your post - the thread disappeared!

    Spinal block was ok - I've had a few of them now (3rd section and obviously the suture each time as well, so done it 5 times so far). This funnily enough was the thing I was most scared of though - needle in your spine ugh.....

    I went in in December to have it done and was petrified - it almost put me off getting pg again - and I was bawling like a baby! The team were so good though and the anaesthetist especially was just brilliant. It helped that she was a woman and she had spinals in her pgs as well. I'm getting nervous again though for some reason, even though it was ok but I know it's got to be done......

    Don't know what we're having as we wanted a surprise. I was convinced I was having a girl until we saw two little round things on the scan - they could have been kneecaps, but dh is convinced they're the gonads!x
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