Chances of being induced with SPD???

Im 26+3 and for the past 2/3 months have suffered from bad SPD, although it was only diagnosed around a month ago.

Im seeing physio tomorrow and have been prescribed co-codamol 8/500mg which just seem to knock me out.

I have a support band to wear (like a giant tubi grip) which does nothing and am getting fitted with a belt tomorrow.

I cant stand the thought of battling with this for 14 weeks +

Had a speculum examination last week due to unexplained bleeing and it was VERY painful - god knows what birth is gonna be like. Doctor has documented it as "chronic pelvic pain identified - difficult examination" - Gee thanks!!!!!!!!!!

Its affecting my sleep and im so tired and achy all the time.

What do you think my chances would be of being induced at 37 weeks??????

I really want to have a natural birth but am scared they'l let this go on and force me to have a c section.



  • Hi hun my SPD was diagnosed about a month ago too and have been given co-codamol and same as you, its just knocks me out! I've been having physio, not really helping and I had the giant tubigrip thing too but again, did nothing so am getting a belt. I went into premature labour a few weeks ago and they tried to force me to open my legs for an internal and I couldnt do it! It was agony, eventually they let me lay on my side. It keeps me awake most nights and is very painful especially in the evenings.
    However, I dont know what the chances of being induced are. I spoke to my ex midwife about it as she said I have a very big baby too and she said no way its no reason to be induced but she hates my family and I've had to leave my surgery so I can see another midwife because her care was appalling so will just have to see what the new one says.
    Personally, I dont see how I'm going to cope. I have a 4 year old who finishes nursery for the summer when I'm 35 weeks and doesnt go back until the week after I'm due and just have no idea how I'm going to manage if the pains going to get worse. I dont know how I'm going to give birth though, I struggle to open my legs enough to get in and out of the car!
  • i'm being induced at 37+5weeks. My consultant allowed this after speaking to senior consultant as normally my hospital doesn't allow inductions until at least 38 weeks unless mother or baby in danger.

    I took my 2 year old so they could see how much i was struggling due to the pain of SPD. you have to keep onto them to get what you want.

  • I know exactly how you feel im shuffling around like an 80 year old woman. I could bearly handle an internal speculum examination so god knows how my legs are gonna open to give birth to a baby a 40 weeks or possibly 40+ weeks.

    I said to my midwife "i cant take 16 weeks of this" when i saw her a few weeks back and her reply was "well we'l just have to see how it goes"

    She offered to sign me off work and said i may need crutches towards the end but since this ive been hobbling along doped up by my painkillers.

    Ive had an awful time of it lately and the thought of going past my due date and having to squeeze a 9/10lb baby out of my ladybits which already feel like theyve been hit by a bus is making me wanna cry image xxx
  • lol awww hun it might not be a 9/10lber! I'm measuring 3 weeks ahead and was told I was having a big baby. I went 17 days over due with my daughter who was 8lb and I tore horribly and needed an episiostomy with her. I was also told I have a very small pelvis and no hips by my ex midwife so the birth would be horrific again..she didnt have any sympathy, just quite pleased that I'd have a horrible time and when I asked about an induction because of small pelvis, big baby and SPD she said no way..I would have thought they were 3 reasons why I could have an induction at 38 weeks!
    I'm going to go on an on at my new midwife when I see her, I really dont know how I'm going to cope, I'm already shuffling around like an old lady. I need to pee so often and our only loo is upstairs, its agony! Turning over in bed or getting up for yet another wee is getting impossible.
  • SPD is such a horrible condition, i had it in my last pregnancy mildly (though didnt think so at the time, thought the pain was unbearable), and i have it again (alot worse) this time, i have one of those bands which is useless, My physio is also useless, she just keeps advising me not to lift anything heavy and avoid walking for too long... easier said than done when i have a 9mnth old baby and no bloody car! My MW said there is 0 chnce of me being induced, great!
    Also no one seems to understand what it's like... my parents keep saying i should go for a walk and get some fresh air, thay dont have a bloody clue, also my oh is getting sick of going to the shops all the time, but they dont realise I'm in agony!
    (sorry for the rant but i feel better now i've got that off my chest!)
    Katie, mummy to Erin, 9mnths and 26+5 wks pg with bluebump. X
  • Bedtime is the worst for me too - my ladynbits feel bruised everytime i turn. Iva had to buy a mattress topper, pillow AND put an extra quilt down to lie on but nothing helps really and i just get hot ans sweaty and even more uncomfortable. Cant wait til August image
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