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Anyone using a nappy service?

Hi all,

Is anyone using a nappy service and if so how are you finding it?
I live in Watford and want to use re-useable nappies and a service, not sure how it all works though..does one have to buy your own nappies first or do you buy the nappies via the service?

Taryn 30+2


  • Afraid I don't know about nappy services - so long as we have a washer and drier I'm happy to do it myself, but just wanted to mention - have you seen whether or not you can get a grant?

    I got a ??54.15 voucher from Islington council via Real Nappies for London that could be put towards nappies or a nappy service - handy!

  • we didn't use a nappy service because a lot of them use really harsh bleach and chemicals i the cleaning process. We used bambio mio for our first child from 0 to 18 months and they were great. I did find however that I needed a lot more of the wrappers than they said in their literature. I still have my nappies but probably won't use them this time as we have a smaller house now and nowhere to put the buckets. If you can do it you should. I felt better knowing we weren't clogging up the environment with nonbiodegradeable rubbish and that far outweighed the inconvenience. It also stops the mother in law telling you how much easier you have got it than she did with terry towelling! This time it will be the nature baby disposables for us. Not perfect but the best we can do this time around.

    good luck in your hunt for free samples.
  • hi!
    when i looked into it, it was the same price as disposable nappies and although i know it isn't just for cost (environment, better for baby etc), i thought i may as well buy my own! i got some wraps and liners from ebay, and used the motherease system - i thought these were fantastic, but not on a new baby- they are very bulky for a new one, although they are "suitable" from birth! motherease nappies are a bit dearer -about ??8-9 each, but i felt that i was still saving than the ??7 pw that our local service wanted. i also knew what they were washed in, and that there was only my baby's bum in them!!
    you can get some companies on ebay that offer everything you need, or you can buy individual ones (obviously pay more for p&p this way tho'). i have noticed that some people sell their used ones on too!
    otherwise, go and look on Motherease website for more stockist info...

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  • Just wanted to say that I had thought about this option mainly due to the environmetal issues but have now heard that it is just as unenvironmental as it uses energy with all the washing and is just as equal to disposables - something to tell my nan now whom is trying her best to persuade me to use reuseables!

  • I'm definantly hoping to use reusables at some point but going to use disposable until I get the hang of everything. I'm happy to wash them myself though as the delivery sevice seemed quite expensive.
    I'm already stockpiling biodegradable nappies as they are a wee bit more expensive. S x
  • I use reusable for Millie but not a nappy service. Most nappy services don't offer any choice as to what type of nappies they provide, they tend to use prefolds as they are easy to wash and fit a wide range of size's but these may not be the best ones for you. Partiularly for a newborn, shaped nappies tend to leak less as they are better at holding in newborn poo. Personally I still belive that reusables are better for the environment, although you obviously use energy washing them, and in the winter possibly drying them. There are no horrible chemical nasties involved like there are in disposables, I wash mine at 40 with the tiniest bit of non bio liquid, and also they don't sit around in landfills for hundreds of years not decomposing! We did use disposibles for Millie, I think when you have a tiny baby to worry about reusables can just seem like one job too many, but this time lo will go in reusables from birth, Millie is still in nappies so it won't make me any extra work. xx
  • Thanks all for your responses, it's given me some food for thought..I may get a few biodegradable ones for the first 1-2 weeks and then go with the re-useables and wash myself, i'm sure I can cope, if not at least I know that there are other options out there!
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