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hyperemesis back again. Help!!!!

I have had cold and flu symptoms for about four days now been on the phone to docs and midwifes etc as i have had no sleep, and am not keeping very much down at all I feel very light haeded breathless and sick, with headache and very weak but apparently all my vitakl signs are normal and i am not dehydrated and have been told just to ride it out. But i am scared the sickness isn't going to go away this time and i will be stuck with it I still have six weeks to go and am already seriously fed up.

I am also frightened to death that I am going to get bored and depressed once i am on maternity does any one else feel this way or am i the only one. I get bored very easy, then start thinking of all the worse things that could happen and before i know it i am in tears and the only person that can console me or make me feel better is my OH, which he can't if he is at work and i am at home. I did want more kids too but i think i have decided that i don't ever want to be pregnant ever again at the momment I hate feeling ill it does my head in.


  • bless ya i had hyperemesis from the word go up until around 26 weeks so i can sympathise i went into hospital 3 times and was on a drip they gave me tablets and then finally at 26 weeks i was able to stop taking them i still have off days i am now approaching week 38 and have got the chronic squits it seems more and more pregnant women are suffering i would of thought the doctor might have given you something to ease it though i had stemitil and they work wonders i also drank lucozade which helped but my midwife told me not to drink it asa of the high glucose content but it was one of the only things that i could keep down.
  • I have been told to stay off milk and dairy products and have been given metoclopramide, Cyclizine did work earlier in pregnancy but not this time. I have taken one tablet so far and am about to go round to my MIL for a bit of dinner Lets hope it stays down this time, My half a crumpet lasted about 15 minutes. I really do hope it is just a virus and i can get back to normal soon I well and truly fed up now.
  • good luck hope it passes quickly and make sure you keep drinking plenty. not long left now xxx
  • The new anti-sickness tablets seem to be working ok I haven't been sick for about 24 hours now although i still feel a bit queasy I think my entire tummy contents are all squashed up into my chest though cos as soon as i eat anything I get really breathless. I just don't feel like eating or drinking anything at minute i am having to force myself. I don't have a very big bump but It is breech at the minute and It's head feels like it's wedged against my ribcage hope it turns soon a friend of mine just had a section cos hers was breech and didn't turn.

    33+5 today. Feeling a bit better.
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