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Restless legs

Hi girls
Just after a bit of advice please as i'm suffering with restless legs when i go to bed. I don't know why, i presume must be pregnancy related, but i'm active throughout the day so not like my legs are just feeling "lazy" :lol:
Can you recommend anything i can put on them?? :\?

Thanks xx


  • hi there i have suffered the same as you with my first pregnancy and again with my second, the only think i can advice is to drink a lot of water and try to raise your legs when possible so when you are lying on your bed or sofa put some extra cushions under your legs.
    that might help
    dorra 25+5
  • Hi dorra - well i do drink gallons of water a day and when i sit watching TV on an evening i'll put my feet up on some cushions lol.
    Is there nothing i can use actually on them??
  • Hi Kelly, I suffered terribly with restless legs when I was pregnant last year and my mum told me to drink tonic water and someone else reccommended that I eat a banana before bed aswell! There's something in the tonic water- quinine I think, that's supposed to help with the restless legs. Hope this helps xx
  • Hi Kelly

    I am 34 weeks pg and suffer with this too - last night I jumped so violently in bed that I woke myself up and hubby was laughing his head off! I was having a dream that I was falling. I used to get this before I was pg as well.

    I drink loads of water too and raise my legs when I am laid on the sofa, but I dont think that there is anything you can put on your legs to prevent it happenning.


  • Thanks NicPink - i'll ty the tonic water and banana trick and see how that goes.

    lol Lilac - i know what you mean about the "jumping" bit as i'm doing that already so goodness knows what i'll be doing in the next 20 weeks or so :lol:
    I'd heard about some kind of spray from Mothercare that's supposed to soothe them but i can't remember for the life of me what it is (blaming baby brain!!)
  • I can vouch for tonic water too!! and try to reduce salt intake a bit, that works for me. x
  • Hon
    You would need to check it's safe to use as i'm not 100 per cent sure but if I get restless legs (my family suffer from Varicose veins so too much walking and I get restless legs) I use the sanctuary moisturiser but the one with ginger so it tingles or if you get a cooling foot/leg spray, virgin vie do nice ones but just double check about the tingling one from sanctuary. xxx
  • Thanks hunny - i shall ask my m/w, i was hoping there would be something i could just rub on to soothe them xxx
  • OOh I get this too and its really horrible, I dont know anything that helps but didnt want to read and run,

    I lie there at night thinking I need to get to sleep before my legs start twitching - and then because Ive thought of itmy leg starts. I mentioned it to my phsio and she did all the checks for numbness etc and thankfully there is nothing serious wrong its just something I have to deal with

    Hope the tonic and banana works for you hun

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