Constipation (AGAIN!!) Senokot

Sorry to bug you again about constipation but my mums brought me some senokot and i was just wondering if anyone else has taken this whilst pregnant? Im currently 8 weeks pregnant and it doesnt mention anything on the box about taking when pregnant, any advice will be gratefully recieved!

Thanx mikayla xx


  • Hi
    I got this from the doctor when i was pregnant with my last baby. Its all supposed to be natural ingriedients so it must be safe!
    Heather x
  • i have also seen the doc this week & got something for it, i asked about senna & he said although it is ok to take he wouldnt reccomend it so has perscribed me Movicol instead
  • hi im 7 weeks and took senokot last week told to by my doctor so it all ok

  • Hiya all, Just back from the doctors and He advised me not to take senokot until a alast resort, said to try natural laxitives like pure orange (But tht gives me back heartburn!) Or lactulose so been and bought some from the chemist! xx
  • i took califig that contains senna. NEVER again my whole upper stomach cramped up and i woke up in excruciating pain almost screaming from it.... it seemed to last for ever. took 5 hours to settle down. tried half a tspoon instead of 2 tablespoons and actually felt the muscles cramping up but couldn't help myself release it. it was agony. been advised fibrogel or movicol...
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