Saying goodbye for a while!

Morning ladies!!!

Well, am moving tomorrow so from tonight everything is cut off so I am just writing a little note to say - good luck to everyone who has their babies while I am away and congratulations to all newbies!! Gonna try and stay around today for as long as possible - feels like am trying to break an addiction lol. Need BE annoymous lol

If all goes to plan then will only be away for a few days but tbh my ISP is sooooo crap will probably be having Tommy before they get their act together.

Anyway am in touch with both Zoey and Lara by phone so will try to keep updated on births etc!

Sending you all best wishes and kisses to your new bubbas!!!

Take care,
Love Lee


  • Good luck with the move! xx
  • Good luck and don't lift anything heavy! I moved a few months ago. I wasn't that bad but i couldn't help but get stuck in even though everyone kept shouting at me to stop. needless to say i regretted it the next morning!!

    See you soon. Karys xxx

  • Hope it all goes well Lee.
    See you when you get back!

    32+2. xx
  • Good luck with the move, dont over do it though easier said than done when moving house i know as have moved house 12 times in my life and its soooo stressfull and even woesr when you are pg.Take care.
    vikki xx
  • Hi Lee....

    Will miss you on here....
    Hope the move goes well, not long for both of us to have LOs so here is hoping you are back online before then.

    Katie and bambino.x x x
  • Good luck and dont you go lifting anything!
  • Have fun Lee - don't envy you hon, but just think of all that space!!!! Hope you've got your essentials box packed separately (kettle, tea, vodka!! oh yeah, maybe a few bits for Tommy just in case)

    Thinking of you and hope the stress doesn't make your spd any worse - get your loudspeaker and clipboard to the ready!


    12 days to go (and don't you DARE beat me!)
  • God luck for the move Lee, but take it easy don't you being doing anything. I expect you to be sitting shouting orders at everyone else, lol !!! See you back on here soon! Tammi xxx

  • Hope it all goes well hun. Don't you dare do anything more strenuous than lifting a tea mug and hope to see you back on here soon.
    Kerry xx
  • Thanks for all your kind words ladies and after last weekends troubles I will definately be taking it easy!! Either that or I will shut myself in the shed on a chair rocking backwards and forwards muttering incoherently lol

    Moving and 2 wks from baby is defo not a good idea - I am screaming one second then sobbing the next so maybe OH wont give me any choice on the shed idea lol

    Love Lee
  • Good luck Lee
    take it easy
    Em x
  • I am clinging to my last couple of hours (hopefully) to my laptop til my cold turkey from BE begins lol
  • LOL Lee...I want to pack my laptop in my hospital bag as have been on here everyday since I found out I was preggers and know I would be lost without it now!!!

    Katie and bambino.x x x

  • good luck with the move hun. know what you mean about BE anon, when my computer went belly up i insisted DH went out same evening and got another one so i could come back on here!! lol
    Filo x
  • Good luck with the move Lee. Don't work too hard though!! And if you're not back online before baby Tommy arrives then I hope everything goes well, and I look forward to hearing all about him xx
  • Thanks everyone!!

    I am soooo scared to move away from the laptop in case the sly sods turn it off while my backs turned lol

    Soooo glad to hear am not the only addict on here - god, now am gonna have to think of conversation to have with the OH lol

    Mind you am soooo tired might log off early and go through my withdrawals in the morning coz if it goes when Im on here think I will cry (hormones?)

    My OH had a mad packing frenzy before going off to work nights and informed me he is going to wake me at 6 bloody 30 tomorrow morning so he can dismantle the bed!!!! So at least there is nothing for me to do tonight except go to bed!!!

    How the hell am I gonna cope - first thing I do in the morning is make a coffee and log on to see whats happened overnight - methinks I need a life lol
  • LOL Lee. You are going to be having lots of convos with your oh now, so get used to it!! My kids are getting used to me saying 'mmm hmmm' to every single question they ask me cos I'm too preoccupied on here!

    Katie - do they have wifi in hospitals now - that would be wicked - I wouldn't mind staying in the few days if I can have my lappy with me!

    Lee, prepare for the laptop wrenching.....

  • Think am gonna have to go and visit my best mate a lot more often and sneak on her laptop to ease me through the transition lol

    Only problem is she is petrified my waters are gonna break on her new carpet lol. Think will beg her and sit in the garage with it like a real sneaky addict lol

    Am getting twitchy bout it already hahahaha then you will all laugh when my crap ISP actually do what they are paid for and put it back on straight away! Maybe if I explain to them they are saving a relationship?????
  • Have you got a laptop that's wireless? If you have, you could drive up and down the street until you pick up someone elses ISP. You could plead 'mitigating' circumstances if you get arrested!

    If you haven't got a laptop, go round to your friends and in her haste to get you off her carpet, sneak her laptop out with you (oversized bag needed) and cruise the streets with hers instead!
  • Believe me - where my head is right now I could probably plead insanity and get away with it lol

    I sat here with my neighbour of 18 months last night and halfway through the conversation forgot her name!!! I hardly heard anymore she said coz I was so busy trying to remember it!!!!
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