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Hey everyone,

Please could I get some advice. I'm not sure how far I am but I think I'm going into my 9-10th week. Everything makes me nausious. I'm eating very plain food but I'm concerned that I'm not getting enough vitamins and minerals. I'm drinking only water and some milk (when I can stomach it). I've been eating crackers in the morning and toast without any marg/butter.

Even though, I'm feeling nausious quite alot of the time I'm being sick more at night time than in the morning.

Is this normal? I know there are women out there who are being sick more often than me. This is my first ever pregnancy and I'm paranoid. image

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  • congrats on ur pregnancy

    don't worry. most pregnant women feel the same. i was the same as u sick at night time. your baby will get all the vitamins it needs from your stores so don't worry about that either


  • Thank you for relaying my fears. I feel a bit silly but glad I asked.

  • Hi honeybunny....congratulations on ur pregnancy x

    I would recomend taking pregnancy multi vitamins, like pregnacare. Dont worry ur baby will get all your nutrients from ur reserve...but u also need to look after yourself aswel.

    Have a look the topic: i feel so rough...on the ppregnancy forum....i have replied to emmy on a simular topic. This may be of some help to you aswel?

    we all go through a stage...not fancing anything to eat, nothin really taking ya fancy, but you really must try. hope your nausea passes quickly xx

    little missie x
    34 + 4
  • hi honeybunny - yes its all normal lovey. i have been sick every morning and then by about 8pm i feel sick again each night and sometimes i do actually vomit depending on how sick i feel. Vit B12 is apparently good for nausea. Also - the doc told me to drink flat coke which has helped me. i also have been eating plain bagels with dairylea and have had cravings for melon. if u fancy something then just get it and eat it. if u let your stomach get too empty the whole sickness thing rears up again. im eating all day long at the moment but just little things...all the best hun. x x
  • I ate nothing but oranges/clemantines/tangerines for the first 14 weeks along with the odd ginger biscuit. EVERYTHING else made me feel/be sick. Don't worry too much as the baby will be able to get everything it needs. Try and keep the vitamins down if you can!

    Good luck and I hope it passes quickly xxx
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