Fed Up :0(

I know this will probably sound really strange to most of you ladies but I hate being pregnant, no matter how hard I try to like it I can't.
This is my second pregnancy and I had these feelings the first time around although I put it down to my first being unplanned, however once my son was born everything was fine, i love being a mum and I cant wait for July when this one is due, BUT I detest the whole pregnancy thing, the sickness, tiredness, heartburn, mood swings, stretchmarks, etc etc.
It does sadden me in many ways because I don't seem to come across anyone else that feels the same way, I tend to hide my feelings if anyone asks about the pregnancy I just run through the motions.
I never buy the magazines because they cheese me off with the glowingness of pregnancy which isnt me!

Well I guess I have off loaded my thoughts which makes me feel a bit better.
Sorry to depress anyone lol.


  • Hi lovey,

    I understand how you feel. This is my first pregnancy and although I wouldn't say I hate being pregnant I certainly wouldn't say I'm loving it. I have 9 weeks left and everyone keeps saying it's not long to go but it feels like a lifetime to me. I want me back!!

    You have reassured me when you say that you felt okay once your first was born because I have been worrying that I wouldn't bond with the baby because of the way I feel right now.

    How long have you got to go?
  • im exactly the same i hate the fact i cant do what i want and ur s'posed to be so happy all the time when ppl ask u about the baby so annoying lol
  • I can completely understand how you must feel if you've been suffering... I've been one of the lucky ones, and not had any probs - no sickness or anything, and I just love being pregnant - if only cos of all the new clothes I've been able to buy!!! The only down side is that hubby is no longer putting out as he's scared he'll hurt the baby!! BOOOOOOO!!! At least you know that the feelings went away last time - look forward to this one making its grand entrance!!
  • I hate it! Even the babys movements make me feel sick, although I am relieved I can feel them. My hair and skin look like shit, my boobs hurt, I am getting fatter by the hour, I eat constantly, hubby doesn't want to have sex with me, I cry at EVERYTHING and don't get me started on the maternity jeans Mum!
    You are so not alone and if you look back there are lots of posts from similarly pissed off people!! At least we can all be pissed off together!! xx
  • Don't worry hun - you are definitely not alone. I've had a really miserable pregnancy and can't wait to get my body back - don't get me wrong I am prepared to do anything to have my little girl at the end of it but it really gets me down sometimes (every so often it all really gets on top of me). I'm sick of being in pain, sick of being virtually housebound and I want my body back. I know what you mean about everyone thinking you should be happy and glowing (even women who had miserable pregnancies themselves seem to forget all about it the second the baby's born - which is great but it doesn't help when you just want to have a whinge and have people sympathise with you. xxx
  • don't feel so bad now lol.

    Don't get me wrong we both oooed and ahhed in Mothercare yesterday when looking at prams and I nearly bought a teeny outfit although I refrained as I am only 17 weeks at the mo, so i know its not about my baby I struggle with, but its what you have all said.

    Everyone seems to be going out enjoying themselves at the mo and there I am swinging my bottle of bloody Schloer wearing my stupid maternity jeans (i'm so with you mum2another1) and mumsy looking clothes grrrrr.

    anyway thanks for replying and making feel normal lol. x
  • hi iam exactly the same i hate it im 37/3 and fat and tired and so slow its unbareable i have had enough of it just want her out now its so painfull and heavy ,i cant sleep im like a fat zombie x x x
  • It doesnt sound strange it sounds well just how it is for most of us. Mrs S is extremely lucky to be enjoying her pregnancy and she must get really fed up of hearing all our moansand groans!!!!!!!!!! I have had all he usuall symptoms sickness heart burn bleeding gums spotty skin feeling fat although i quite like that cus i just eat what i like theres no way i can fit into or worry about fitting into all the latest trends! I have severe spd too so amin painmost of time BUT im 39 weeks and its nearly over and i know that as soon as baby is born all theses things will disapear. Spend a little timeon the trying to conceive website i know that sounds a bit contrived but it does put your feelings into perspective. I spent afternoonwith a colleague of mine and her husband has cancer and i felt really bad for moaning about not being able to get dressed on my own etc. You only need to look at your son to know it will all be worth it!!!!! AND dont feel guilty aboutnot enjoying it it is very hard to enjoy something when you are throwing up or your insides are either burning or being kiched black and blue!!!!! BUT as my oh says moaning is one of my favourite things so just come on here andlet it all out!
  • Bloody hell - is there something in the water today?

    I have started to answer this many times today but each time it ends up in a long winded rant so to be short and sweet - you are defo not alone and yep, have got my p****d off head on about it today!

    Love Lee
  • I have written a big long message here and lost it as I was about to post it...

    I hate being pregnant - thats no refection upon this Child as we have been trying for two and a half years I JUST HATE BEING PREGNANT it does not suit me!

    Kinda pleased my last message got wiped before I posted it because I got to say everything with out coming across as a complete B***h!

    I listed EVERYTHING! people have told me that I dont have the right to complain as we were trying for this child for so very long... but wantting it doesnt stop me being sick or crying or being angry or not sleeping or being consitpated or not having any entitlement over your own body or stop streach marks or stop people making helpful comments about you being the size of a house even tho ive lost a stone and a half thru vommitting or not being able to sleep or having heart burn or having shit hair and skin or stops people assuming you can no longer socialise as your pregnant and cant drink or lol starting to list again!

    Babe I promise you are not alone! xxxx
  • Glad im not the only one feeling dwn and fed-up with been pregnant. With my first pregnancy i was so xcited I loved every minuted of it. But this time round im suffering alot more and im finding it hard to work, be in uni and look after a toddler all while im feeling like shit. Im only 19wks so still got a long way to go yet and it makes me feel even worse wen ppl ask my due date and i say 2nd july, it sounds so far away. I always feel very guilty for feeling like this tho as sum women try forever to get pregnant, so i try and think positive and be greatful for the experience (even if its hard). Gud luck hope u feel beta, Kerry xxx
  • deffinatly with everyone with all the questions about the babay n never you, get it weekly at work n my reply tends to be now "if me or baby wasn't ok i wouldn't be in work would I???" but thats just work, the whole friends not even bothering to ask if you're coming out just because you're pregnant, think I've only had about 2/3 friends actually still treating me as me if you know what i mean. family wise mine have been really good but oh's were telling me what to do n what to buy n basically giving me lectures about how to raise lo when he's born etc etc n now it seems as they really couldn't give a shit. ah well! only thing that matters to me is that lo healthy (not had any problems apart from the usual lower back ache! all scans are fine n had bump measured last thursday n he well above average for the 28+3 i was then! 29+2 atm) so yer! lo's healthy we're beginning to get organised nursery stuff wise, just need to get steriliser, bouncer sort out stuff for my hospital bag! but all the nags n niggles deffinatly seem worth it, especially when i hear lo's heart beat n look at the scan pictures image
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