Sweep - I'm guessing thats not Sooty's friend!

Hi everyone

I'm going for a sweep on Wednesday but I don't really know what this means and if it hurts? Can someone tell me? Also what are the chances of it working and how long does it take to work?



  • Im not 100% sure but had to reply as your subject title made me laugh....I loved The Sooty Show..hahaha

  • I had a few with Lorelei and they are no more uncomfortable than going for a smear test- trick is to relax and it's not as sore.
    They didn't work for me personally but I think they generally so have a good success rate so long as baby is ready to come that's why usually get them when overdue
  • they are more comfortbale than going for a smear after the birth and 2nd degree tear! i had one on the thurs and baby arrived on sunday. mw couldnt do the sweep either, after all the discomfort. they can push you over the edge if you are on the verge, but i dont thin they work if baby is nowhere near.
  • You had a smear after giving birth with a 2nd degree tear? My goodness poor you image
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