Can I join you ladies?

Hi everyone

I've been in ltttc for a while but got my BFP today!!

Got appointment at docs tomorrow to have it confirmed (already done 2 tests myself). Will they do another urine test tomorrow and what happens next?

Thanks xxx


  • Congrats hun and welcome to pregnancy!! image

    Love MrsH and little pud 21+1 xxx
  • Hi hun, congrats!

    Re the docs, different ones work different ways, some will want to re-test, some won't, you'll more than likely get some tips and advice, like take folic acid etc. You should be given a number to call for the mw to book in for your first appointment.

    Enjoy the next 9 months!
  • Congratulations and welcome image xx
  • Congratz and welcome
    some docs tend to check a sample and refer
    you to a midwife
    kirsty 39+2
  • Hi Ladies thanks very much!

    Congratulations wanna bump!!

    Do they take your due date as 9 months from date of your last period? If so it will be April!!

  • Thanks for that wanna-bump, i checked it out its 28th April my due date (going on a 35 day cycle as my cycles can be 4-6 weeks).

    I use exclamation marks alot too and know how excited you are!!

    When will you start telling people, I just cant keep this to myself!! xxx
  • Hi Laura!

    Another lttc graduate- yay!! Congratulations you must be over the moon!!

    When I went to the Doctors I just got given a list of do's and dont's in pregnancy, was asked if I was taking folic acid and then sent me away to make an appointment with the midwife at approx 10 weeks.

    I was in there for like 2 mins!! Bit of an anti-climax really, perhaps I was expecting a congrats banner, a few party poppers and a cake lol. When you're a lttc graduate especially I think you expect it to be as big a deal to everyone else as it is to you lol- it's really not!!

    Home tests are so good nowadays I don't think many docs still actually confirm your pregnancy.

    It makes the 12 week scan so special though as you're like, wow, it's real- not my imagination!!

    They will give you a rough due date at midwife appointment (or on phone when they make it for you) based on the first day of your last period and on a 28 day cycle. Even if you know yours are longer or shorther than that. At the dating scan (12 weeks) they'll give you a more accurate one based on baby's size and the may move your date forward or back. I was moved forward by a week as I thought I would (short cycles).

    Good luck and enjoy!!

    OP xx
  • Congratulations hun and welcome to pregnancy image xx
  • Thanks for that Orange Pants.

    Huni, were you on YAYB?

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