Sore Lady Bits! (sorry tmi)

Hiya ladies and bumps,

Sorry to post this but the pain I have down below is really starting to affect me now. I only have stand or walk for 5-10 mins before it feels like someone has kicked me full force. I have have even had to check in the mirror because it felt like it was really bruised. Me and hubby went food shopping the other day and I ended crying as soon as I got back to the car because it hurt so much.
It has even put me off sex (sorry tmi) which really is not like me, but I just don't anyone or anything going anywhere near that region!
I didn't experience any of this last time round. Any idea's on what it is, and how to ease it xxx

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  • hi definately sounds like spd (symphisis pubis disorder) or pgp (pelvic girdle pain) apparantly its caused by the ligaments in ur groin and pelvis softening to early. try to keep ur knees together and not to over stretch ur legs outwards where possible. some say that sleeping with a pillow between ur knees can help. also speak to ur gp or mw about getting fitted for a bump support band and keep an eye on ur posture. it isn't particularly uncommon i know SB (mrs takers) suffered horrendously with it and mrsjohnstone had it too. maybe an FAO in their direction woulod provide u more info

    hope this helps

  • lol SB. must have done that at same time. xx
  • Im not liking the sound of this SPD! Thanks for the link SB, just had a read through and it does sound like thats what it is. I'm already struggling in bed because it hurts to lie on my side, hips hurt, cant lie on my front, and its agony to try and lie on my back!
    I think I stupidly assumed because I didn't get it first time with my son, I wouldn't get it this one either. Thanks for all your advice and tips ladies. I'm not due to see my MW for another 3 weeks but I think I bight ask to see her a bit sooner xxx

    Cat 18+1
  • yep def sounds SPD, I have this too - dr can refer you to physio quicker than mw maybe? I saw my doc Weds then got physio appt following Thurs so only had to wait a week. She advised me strongly to buy a proper support band from medical supplies company which I am doing, and gave me lots of advice.
    Ames x
  • Oh Cat! When you meantioned this I didn't relise! I got this near the end of carrying Charlie I just thought it was the pressure but all I could explain it as my bones knocking inside and going from a dull constand ache too a sharp shooting pain!

    Sound right?

    If so hun as to be refered to physio.. I went and found it really useful - just little things like how to bend down without making it worse (don't squat) & ways to redistubte the work for your body.

    are you doing a 10 point turn in bed yet to get out?
    Do you need me to do anything for you hun? Just genrally? I know it's really painful! Poor you! image You need to rest that means STOP decorating! I know you prob arn't even able at the min but the min it starts to ease off don't go running back in there to do a bit more 'while you can!' lol That's my telling you off bit done!

    Now for the spoiling for your poorliness - :lol: how about nandos and a big fat chocolate pudding somewhere? xx
  • No more decorating, I promise Nat! Storm spent all day yesterday painting and cleaning so he knew I wouldn't have any to do! How do you do the 10 point turn, I've never heard of it. Think Nandos sounds like a good plan! xxx

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