Royal Shrewsbury Hospital

how is every1
just wondering, any1 had,or expecting 2 have baby at shrewsbury hosp?
i went 2 wrexham for my first, which was awful!!!... im hoping for a better experience this time.. im soooooo worried


  • iv heard the visiting hours r more strict? is tht true?
    is oh and daughter allowed at anytime??
  • Ive visited Shrewsbury and alot of my friends have had babies there. From what i can gather, its VERY busy and they sometimes do things to speed things along rather than let nature take it's course. I don't think there's much emphasis put on aftercare either eg, support with breastfeeding.

    When i went there everyone was really lovely. I found the surroundings quite depressing (old building) but that's no reflection on quality of care.

    All of my friends had healthy babies and non had big complaints to make-just the points above xx
  • I think you're own children are allowed to visit but if you give birth at night, oh has to leave after an hour or so (once you've been transfered to the ward)
  • im hoping 4 c-section, so day shd be planned..
    i have been told i will only b thr a day or 2, thn i cn be transfrered 2 oswestry hosp- where i live... which is nt v busy at all as its a midwife led unit, and so wont have any at risk deliveries
  • You'll be fine then hun. 2 of my friends have had c-sections at shrews, no complications at all and oswestry MW led unit is fab, you'll be very well looked after there-that's where im planning on having my lo! xx
  • Hey there

    Well, I've spent a good amount of my pregnancy in and out of the RSH because of hyperemesis.

    It is a very busy unit with loads of girls coming in and going out every day. I think they are happy for people to leave as soon as they are happy to do so, but they don't throw you out if you're worried.

    The best thing is that you can transfer to any of the Midwife Led Units in Shropshire from there, so if you feel you need some extra help, especially if you're hoping to breastfeed, that seems to be what the midwives there recommend. You can apparently stay at the MLU's for up to a week, and you really do get the personal touch then.

    They are quite strict on visiting hours, no children other than your own are allowed in, under any circumstances! There are three lots of visiting during the day - one at 10-12 for partners, then I think it's 2-4 and 6-8, but to be honest, it's nice when everyone has gone because you get some rest...

    I will be giving birth there as I am considered high risk and to be honest, I am perfectly happy with that prospect - the staff there are absolutely lovely and the doctors/consultants are fantastic - trust me, I've spent loads of time there!!

    C xx

    ps - Pixiebob, (or should I call you pixiecrop by now?!) didn't realise you were so close to me!
  • I have heard that RSH is good if you are high risk as they have everything on hand should any problems arise.
    I was a friends birthing partner at PRH and I found that she was left on her own A LOT and when she pressed her buzzer for help, it took a long time for someone to come to her.
    I personally would go for the hospital that has got everything. That way you know that you and baby are safe.
    I had both of mine in New cross Hospital in Wolverhampton and im glad that I did as with my 1st there were many complications and ended up having an emergency C Section as my blood pressure was dropping so low that I kept going unconcious and the baby had merconium as she had opened her bowels as she was distressed. With my second, I had an elective C Section so had to go to the same hospital anyway.

    I had a MC back in Oct and had to go to EPU at Shrewsbury and they were wonderful so if their midwives on the labour wards are anything like the midwives I saw then you have no worries.

    Im rambling now so I am off lol

    bm xx
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