Abdo pain

started having abdo pain last night..not cramping, more like muscular pain. Almost felt as if i'd just done 100 stomach crunches. It's gone now and i'm just left with stitch type pains in my groin...anyone else had this?



  • hi if you are at all worried call you gp or mw it sounds very much like 'growing' streching' pains but i am not sure sorry not much help x

    chloe 33+4
  • Hi, I've bumped up a post Joo did the other day about ligament pain - in on eof my replies there's acouple of website links. I know we're further on but I got my pains quite early on.

    Also, early on my mw said the two main ligaments that hold up the uterus usually only have to hold up a plum-sized organ and as it grows very rapidly and pretty big those ligaments have a hard job and do complain!
    Ames x
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