Did anyone get implantation bleed/spotting???

Morning All

From TTC forum, but just curious really.

Did anyone actually get an implatation bleed/spotting as they say it's rare but it seems everyone talks about it.



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  • Yes I did with my first pregnancy. I had a normal period then about 1- 2 weeks after it finished I had a light, painless bleed that lasted for around a day and a half and then it stopped.

    I had a 'funny' period just before I got a positive result with this one too.


  • I did - I was 9 DPO and when I went for a pee first thing after waking up, there was red blood but not lots, but a bit. Once I wiped there was no more. I tested 2 days later and got BFP. I have heard it is rare too. I did not get any symptoms either.
  • I had one. Red blood 7DPO when I went to the toilet, then the next morning a bit of brown blood in my underwear. That was all it was though. Got BFP the evening of the brown blood, so very early

    20+4 x
  • I had it too, I thought AF had arrived but four days later I got my BFP. I have no other symptoms apart from AF type cramps but it is very early days.

    Good luck xx

  • on my first pregnancy i had a implantion bleed about 6dpo and on my last pregnancy i had a bleed at 7wks and the docs said it could have been a implantion bleed

  • I did - I thought I was having my period but it only lasted about 3 days and wasn't as heavy as normal...got a BFP a few days after...but also then after the BFP (sorry for the details!!!!) had a week and a half or so of browny, pink (occasionally red) discharge which scared the hell out of me as it went on for so long - so much so I had an early scan at 7 weeks but all was fine - all good at my 12 week scan too and I am now 15 weeks and a day - so although its scary its not always a bad thing - I think my bean just burrowed in good and proper which caused quite a bit of the bleeding!!!
    Good luck with ttc
    Abbie xx
  • I had a very light one - just 2 days of pink-tinged CM. I made a note of it but only figured out what it was a couple of weeks later when I did a conception indicator CBD and realised that the pink CM coincided with about 7dpo! I was only my first month off the pill, so wasn't very good at realising when I had ovulated image
  • OOOO it does happen then!

    Did you assume it was AF coming? or know it was implatation?
  • Sorry for being so inquestitive but with my son i had no bfp, no symptoms nothing so with ttc this time round i hoping for some symptoms and a bfp would be great!
  • I did too. I had it about 11DPO and it lasted 4 days. I thought it was AF although it was just light pink / brown spotting. After 3 days when it hadn't turned into a proper bleed I did a pregnancy test and got BFP! I'm now 33+5
  • I did too. I had it about 11DPO and it lasted 4 days. I thought it was AF although it was just light pink / brown spotting. After 3 days when it hadn't turned into a proper bleed I did a pregnancy test and got BFP! I'm now 33+5
  • on my first pregnancy,i never suffer from af pains and it was soooooo painfull,after 2wks off having the pains i thought i would just take a test and as soon as it would show bfn af would show and the pain would go,so i was shocked to get a bfp,2days after i took the test all the symptoms came thick and fast,i was 6wks pregnant when i found out,on my last pregnancy i was expecting all the symptoms again but got nothing,so again was shocked when i got my bfp but i still had no symptoms and i was having twins,every pregnancy is different

  • I think I had an implantation bleed at 16 dpo (roughly). My midwife said this happens late when the egg is really embedding. The spotting lasted for 3 days....it was very pink and watery and ended up brown. xx


  • first PG i had an implantation bleed cos i was 6wks and it scared me silly!!!! 2nd time nothing didn't find out i was pg till i was 11wks gone! again with this one didn't have a bleed but i just knew inside myself that i was again by day 24! spooky lol

  • I thought it was AF, got drunk that night feeling sorry for myself just to get my BFP four days later - oops!!

  • GLK2008 ...congrats to you, cruel how our bodies work sometimes.

    Good to hear that it does happen and is not does somthing poeple hope for!
  • I wld have preferred not to have the bleeding as it stressed me out big time xx


  • I had pink CM this time, a couple of times. If I'd blinked I've had missed it though!

    Good luck! xxx
  • i had spotting (dark brown cm) at 10dpo, 11dpo and 12 dpo. i thought it was AF coming early and i can't tell you how gutted i was - only to be surprised by a BFP at 15dpo image

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