Filo - how you doing?

Let us know how things have been today hon. Still got everything crossed for you......xxxx


  • well bleeding still, but just had shower and seems to be slowing down. Tested bfp still at lunchtime but know hormones stay in system even after a mc. ave to go to work tonite but will take it easy if i can.
    Filo x
  • hi filo - crashing from baby, but just wanted to let you know me and oh are busy praying for you.
    really really hope god is kind to you and gives you your lo, not knowing can be the worst bit so hold on in there chick.
    thoughts, prayers, hugs, everything, with you.
  • thanks susie bean. Am starting to lose hope and drs have just said wait and see. I know thats prob true but doesn't make it any easier. Mostly spotting now, nowhere near as heavy for a period, so maybe all is ok.
    Filo x
  • Aw bless - waiting is just the worst isn't it? It's almost like you don't want to know because your dreams will be shattered, but at the same time at least you can just know and get on with things. T'ain't over yet anyway hon - and you go loads of people on here rooting for you.

  • hope your ok filo, i wrote yesterday asking. and to let you know still thnking of you
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