Woo hoo, just had my 12 week scan!!!!

Hi chicks...

I am doing the happydance,

After suffering 2 m/c in the last year and a really difficult 8 weeks with 3 trips to hospital and being told at 6 weeks we were losing the baby and there was no hope (idiots) we went today for our 12 wek scan, I was sooooooo nervous I couldn't stop talking...

I explained to the ultrasound dude (who thought he was he-man) my past traumas and asked him to let me know as soon as he found the heartbeat, I was a bit freaked as he was the same guy who did my scan for my missed m/c (this was a different hospital)...

He showed me monkey moo's straight away happily sleeping...this however made it impossible to measure his neck for the nuchal, so i had to move from side to side and the dude kept shaking my tummy ( can I just point out I'm a curvy size 18 with a bump that doesn't fit into normal clothes now so I was a tad embarrassed)...

Monkey moo's would move around then settle back down to sleep in the wrong position, it was very funny and he/she has so got it's big sisters stubborn streak, ha ha....

So hopefully now we can start to relax a bit and enjoy the prospect of becoming parents again, we'rs gonna tell our daughter at the weekend, she is only 4 but now everone will be talking about it and she's not silly, she will realise something is going on....I'm sure it will go in one ear and out of the other but I don't want her feeling she isn't important anough to know or be involved....

I'm a very happy mum to be, just 199 days left to go....woo hooo




  • yay!! Thats great!! bet you are so relieved

    At my 12 week scan, baby wouldn't move enough and the guy kept poking me in the bladder with his scanning wand thingy...not fun!!!
  • Awww thats so funny that your baby didn't want disturbed! Really cute! My LO has done that to me once when I went in with bleeding it was hiding in a little ball at the back of my womb so they couldn't find a heartbeat with the doppler. We found the little monkey when they gave me a scan to check it was ok. TBH, I don't like to be disturbed when I'm sleeping so I don't blame our babies for being the same!
  • Congratualtions hun - you must be so relieved, try to relax and enjoy it now, xxx
  • Congrats lets hope monkey moo sleeps as well as that when they're bornimage
  • Ah purplebabes, you don't know how chuffed I am. I feel like i've been there with you and monkey moo from the very beginning. I am so glad things are going according to how I prayed they would go, and to see you happy.
    Wishing you a great pregnancy
    Loads of Love to you and monkey moo

    Ps: I'm on day 45/30, i driving me up the bend now!
  • Hi!! Really, really pleased that all is going well image I thought your scan was next week so sorry for not posting earlier. Been thinking about you. Wonderful to hear he's doing good (for some reason I always think of your little pea as a boy. Not sure why but have done from the start) Lotsa love coming your way ((((((0)))))) image xxxxxx
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