Anybody out there?

Hello ladies, Havnt been on here for ages but I CAN'T SLEEP! im 32 weeks and tonight i am suffering back pain, leg cramps and iching? All I want is to snuggle up (on my tummy) and have a good nights kip!
pls let me know that im not the only one that will prob be up all night while my other half sleeps soundly.


  • Hi! Feeling like that myself. Ive had flu for past 4 days and still feeling pretty rough. Only slept for 1 hour last night so im knackered, but struggling to sleep again tonight. My OH has no probs sleeping - which really gets on my nerves. XXX
  • Hi!
    When not PG I used to sleep on my side now I find it so uncomfortable but at the same time it's the only way I can sleep with my bump! Had a bad night last night & was contemplating coming online but tossed & turned & eventually slept but who knows who we'll meet at scary o'clock as the ability to sleep disapeers!

    Lauren (35+2) xo

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