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How long did it take you to get your first scan?

Hi Ladies

Following on from my "Are you 4 weeks pregnant when you get a BFP" question, if you really have no clue how far along you are, does the doctor book you in for a scan straight away, or is there an exact set time?


  • just bumping this up!
  • I seen the midwife around 10 weeks to book in she said she would send off for my scan she said it is usually within four weeks. True enough when I got it through the post it was so I never got my scan till I was 14+5 weeks pregnant.
  • if you really have no idea then they might feel you to guess how far gone you are. if you express your concerns they might send you for a scan, but i think that depends on your doctor.
    my scan letter didn't come through until i was 11+6 and it was for when I was 12+4 - and that was after lots of chasing up as midwife said i was high risk!
    but it really does vary hun.
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